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Friday, 1 February 2013


The Conservative Sociologist (TCS) is a young woman who runs her own conservative blog up over here. I watch her on a semi-regular basis (as I do with almost everyone on Cappy Cap's blogroll), and have of late made a few comments regarding MGTOW on one of her posts, and found a comment on another of her posts that was thought-provoking, and made a post on it.

I believe I need to gather my thoughts on this recent back-and-forth, and this post will suffice for that purpose. I think this will be the last consolidation of this particular train of thought that began with DriverSuz on that earlier post of mine, unless something crops up.

It's been a while since I saw this comment on one of AVFM's articles (so I don't quite remember which one it was), but it mentioned that a lot of freshly indocrinated young women who leave women's studies courses often have this sense of rage against men in general. I can't confirm the veracity of this statement in its original context, of course, but my point in bringing this up is that I'm starting to see this being mirrored more and more by men in general. You have sex separatists like Barbarossa and Stardusk getting thousands of subscribers, who in turn spread the ideas and get their own subscribers, and so on and so forth...

Is it right to tar young girls who don't even know what they're doing with that broad brush? Even the ones young enough such that the argument that they were complicit in benefiting from feminist-inspired laws doesn't hold water? Is it fair to consider them guilty by association? Of course not, because heritable culpability is a stupid thing.

Nevertheless, this is the case and it will be made especially worse because there will be those who don't want to hedge the bets that a certain young lady is "not like that", because they believe themselves to be justified (and arguably not without cause), or maybe they're true misogynists.

As I've previously pointed out, this sentiment is readily manifesting itself not just in Anglosphere societies, but even Singaporean society - no Singaporean will say it out loud (especially after a blogger was arrested some time back for making seditious remarks on his blog), but on the lurking, mostly male sites of the internet like Sammyboy and HardwareZone where they're urging each other to get hitched to PRC, Thai or Filipino women to avoid the silly antics our local women are playing.

I understand that it's very tempting to fall back into the whole tribalism in-group out-group thing; I won't deny that I myself felt its tug when reading Ecclesiastes' post. Tribalism is a natural human predisposition, and it takes self-awareness and a conscious effort to recognise and consider it, and it's another human tendency to avoid owning up to things; we men are responsible, in part, for what has happened today. At the very least, as Alphaunit put it, we failed the shit test and let both unscrupulous women and the elites exploit it for all it was worth.

Yet what makes firebrand statements like Ecclesiastes' so dangerous is the payload of truth within his statement; that unlike feminism's claims about men, it is undeniable that the majority of women in the first world are behaving in the exact same manner that he has pointed out. that makes it so much more galvanising, because there is a correct foundation of truth on which the wrong response is built. Feeling anger at injustice is proper, and yet calls for revenge and reparations against all women is not.

But it will still happen anyway outside the realm of cooler heads like the Cap'n and Aurini, and like the millenials who will have to pay for the excesses of the baby boomers, the daughters and grandaughters of today's modern woman will be paying for the excesses of their mothers and grandmothers. With the modern machine cranking out by the truckload hopelessly unattractive beta men, thugs and PUAs who see women as only good for sex, MGTOWs who want nothing to do with them due to the sucker-bet nature of interaction with blue-pill women, and the truly misogynistic like Ecclesiastes and Sodini, who's to say what the proportions of these folks are going to be compared to either mainstream MRAs or the Alt-Right? Even the more sensible heads like M3 consider themselves damaged goods to be removed from the shelves, how many sensible, marriagable guys are still going to buy into the white picket fence - I mean, white rubble wall dream?

Sure, it's unpalatable. It's a hard truth, especially for the ladies who've played it straight and narrow and not gone flaky. But it is what it is, and if it's something one would rather not hear, then there's always Oprah; she'll tell you everything your ego needs. But there will be those who misdirect their anger and don't always follow the "better to let nine murderers go free than hang one innocent man" viewpoint.

That is why I quoted Ecclesiastes' post from TCS and found it thought-provoking enough to give it a post of its own; for all it may speak of the person, it's a stark reflection of the goodwill tank that's not just been mostly emptied already by blue-pill women of ages past, but is being drained at an alarmingly increasing rate in recent years, especially since the millenials who've been living with this nonsense from the moment they were born are much less inclined to put up with it (much like Singaporean social engineering, really). This is one side of the coin when I mentioned my worry about men turning into a greviance group - as Aurini put it, whining, crying and complaining that it's not fair, then falling into the pit of tribalism and blaming women without any desire to do self-improvement. (The other side of the coin being petitioning to Pimp Daddy G to make them an official greviance group.)

To paraphrase Aurini: we guys have an innate tendency to like you ladies. You have the power to make our lives better. Our existences are enriched by your presence. But when push comes to shove, we can live without you. Our lives won't be a 10/10, but we might get a 6 or 7. Generally speaking, we have a goal in our lives (I don't think I've seen a major game blog that didn't recommend this in some form or fashion), and you're welcome to hop along for the ride down that highway of adventure in the passenger seat if you'd like.

 Adventures, like food, are much better when shared.

What we don't like is to see is that we pull in at a gas station for a bathroom break, and when we return you've driven off with the car, leaving us to live out the rest of our lives in the desert.

How many times does this have to happen until the innate desire to like and protect women wears away on a large scale and you get an Ecclesiastes, someone who got their car driven off on them, or a Barbarossa, who has passed so many stranded men staffing gas station counters and decided not to pick up any hitchikers?

The stereotype is that a man will murder with a sharp weapon and direct brute force, while a woman will murder with poison, sniping and backstabbing. My current prediction is that instead of the steady poisoning of society like what's been going on for the last few decades, it'll explode violently at the end (probably in a fashion that will make the Arab Spring look like a playground scuffle). I am not sure if the situation can be saved despite everyone's best efforts. The machine will keep on running until the worldwide collapse, and it'll be a little too late if we wait for after the collapse to fix things. The best folks can do now is lay the foundations for what is to come.

As I've mentioned before in my previous posts, we need everyone to build the boat of Team Civilisation for the coming flood. As I've also mentioned before, I used to want to buy into the white picket fence dream, and would have no problem following in the footsteps of my grandfather; the only reason I am MGTOW now is out of necessity, rather than the deep-seated disgust of perceived universal female nature that folks like Barbarossa, Stardusk and Razor Kane seem to possess (it is far, FAR too much like Patriarchy Theory for me to be completely comfortable with it, unless a whole boatload of undeniable evidence comes in). If the sucker-bet nature of the current SMV and MMV were to fall away, then yes, I would take my ball back to the court - with what game I've learned in the meantime.

So the consensus amongst the alt-righters seems to be this, from my observations: we guys will shape up and do our best to regain the masculinity that's been knocked out of us, while you ladies who are truly "not like that" will have an equally uphill struggle to prove it to the guys, because what you're going to be facing in the future SMV and MMV is a generation of cynical, game-aware and suspicious young guys - and that's the best of them.

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