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Monday, 4 February 2013

Feminists throw everyday women under the bus, part deux.

Well, here we go again.

A young woman suffered horrific facial burns after a woman wearing a Muslim veil threw acid in her face.

Naomi Oni, 20, was walking home after finishing work at lingerie shop Victoria’s Secret when the woman, wearing a niqab – which reveals only the eyes – appeared and launched the apparently random attack.

It is not known whether the attack was motivated by the victim’s work for the store.

But still, we haven’t heard a single feminist make an issue of this. Not one slutwalker has stepped up to denounce the attack. Feminists have maintained an eery silence over this woman-on-woman attack.


Well, it doesn’t fit their narrative. If a man had carried out the attack, they’d be busy denouncing it very noisily. If it had been a white man who threw acid on Ms. Oni’s face, their response would be deafening. However, in this case it is a non-western woman, and what good can come of publicizing that? What advantage can be gained? One cannot tax these women, as most do not work, nor can one use them to any other economic advantage. There is no real utility to the story - it is politically useless for feminists, because it falls entirely outside their narrative, which has the evil patriarchy oppressing everyone else.

So, the question is, do feminists really care about acid attacks when they cannot be somehow used to extort men? Apparently not. What a morally bankrupt “movement.”

Enjoy the worldwide decline, folks!

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