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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Apocalyptic obsession.

The Age of Leisure is over.

I tell you this because we are spoiled. Our lives are easy beyond belief, even though we have done nothing to deserve our comfortable existence. We are living off the sweat of our ancestors, and this unearned privilege has made us decadent. It has made us frivolous.

Throughout history, there have always existed a small number of elites who, because of their inherited wealth and power, could afford the luxury of frivolity. In the past century, technological progress extended the luxury of frivolity to all of us. Frivolity is all we know, it is all our fathers knew, and it is all their fathers knew. Carelessness has become deeply enmeshed in our psyches.

But this long aberration is nearly over. The Age Of Leisure is coming to an end.

- Thumotic

Yesterday, I was talking with my dad again. Mostly, the "temporary" removal of the debt limit (remember that the US is also "temporarily" off the gold standard) and what the continuous money printing by so many nations is going to mean for the world. I pointed out that every single fiat currency in the world has collapsed, so why should the US dollar be any different? Bretton-Woods and the petrodollar can't keep the system running forever. All the economic indicators by the BEA have been fudged with, and China has been doing the same with their statistics.

Governments are corrupt. The UN is corrupt, and clearly part of what alt-righters call "the cathedral", the monolithic network of institutions including but not limited to government, academia and the media that continue to push the progressive agenda. Governments in supposedly free nations routinely ignore the will of their populace - executive privilege trumps democracy. Hell, Italy has abandoned all pretense of democracy altogether, being ruled by an EU-appointed senator while the US is recognisably in the first stages of a military dictatorship.

Most people have devolved into little more than zombies, oblivious to their surroundings, going on automatic, seized by the maddening, insistent desire to consume, consume, consume. As much as they can, as often as they can, an attempt to fill that insatiable hole, more, more, more, and as ever, more. Where their consumption comes from, whether this can go on, who has to be sacrificed, they don't care, so long as they get to experience those few moments of gorging themselves like ancient Romans at a hedonistic feast so they can do it all over again.

Singapore, fiscally responsible glory of the region with a hardworking populace? We're rapidly devolving into another disgusting little zombie society with cries of "gimmedat!", which are only suppressed by the government not giving a damn about our entitled little asses. The contagion isn't restricted to the Anglosphere alone - not with consumerism and military conquest serving as its vectors.

Faced with Cappy Cap's "productionless human bubble", we're driving straight into oblivion, and accelerating while doing it. The Greatest Depression has already started, but we're being told what we want to hear: "everything will be all right."

Move along, citizen. Everything will be all right. Nothing to see here.

I'm not holding out for a slow decline; we won't have the luxury of the time to prepare that comes with a gradual slide into collapse. The welfare underclass in so many countries is held in check by bribes - what do you think will happen when the money stops, or even so much as is reduced? I find it hilarious that even when Rome was under siege, the citizens rioted when Caesar Augustus proposed reducing their welfare handouts to more reasonable levels. Possessing no trade and with no desire to learn one, the feral humans are going to take to the streets, driven by their perverted desires to consume mindlessly.

A zombie apocalypse. Maybe people are starting to sense something in the back on their minds, which is why zombies seem to be making a comeback of late. If so, will they bring those thoughts to their forebrains? Hah, probably not. People want to stay asleep.

As society declines, there'll be calls for culling the herd. The elderly are already being killed off in the UK, after all.

Looking at the world today, I want to see it all burn. I won't deny that I desperately want to see this sick, degenerate global society collapse under the weight of its own bloated carcass and explode in a shower of methane and chunky chunks. So yes, maybe I'm biased. Maybe I'm just looking for evidence that corroborates my beliefs, but the numbers, the figures - and more importantly, the understanding behind them - they all seem to fall in line.

Who am I to judge? Who am I, some crazy kook, to decide what's right for the world? I don't need to decide that, it's not my call to make. It's going to happen anyway, and everyone is entitled to their opinion on the subject, aren't they?

But you don't have to look at the figures. Just walk down the street. The mongrels are too busy being overjoyed at finally being allowed to eat their own shit in public. The working dogs are feeling even more despondent and downtrodden than before as they refuse to abandon their posts. The wolves are tearing at their own throats, unable to exercise their potential and yet unwilling to let it go.

And the dog handlers look down upon us all, whips in hand.

How can we be so rich and yet so poor?

Is it a crazy kook theory if it's true?

The genie cannot be put back into the bottle; do you really, seriously think that we can convince people to give up their choices? Never mind that said choices will eventually devour them, but it feels so good making them, right?

Of course the genie cannot be put back into the bottle, but that is not the road we're heading towards. The bottle is going to shatter into a million tiny pieces, and we deserve it. We've squandered the heritage of our ancestors and spat on their wisdom, murdered our children and enslaved them with debt in the name of our gluttonous lifestyles, and plan to do away with each other even as we fight over rotting scraps from the carcass of the wealth that once was.

A failed species that never got off its planet...

We deserve it.

Our world is/has/will always been degenerate; always. Our nature makes us degenerate, though we can be very noble.

- Glorious Bastard

So yes, I fully admit it. I feel a perverse thrill, a dark glee as I contemplate our impending collapse, the sound of natural law asserting itself. I don't deny there will always be keyboard warriors out there who call for this sort of thing, and end up being amongst the first to be found cowering in the empty burnt-out shell of a building somewhere, if not already croaked by the masses of feral humans that'll be wandering around in the wake of the realisation their welfare checks aren't coming any more.

Unless one has a plan, of course. Those folks, they talk a good deal, but when it comes to actually asking what they'll do when the shit hits the fan, when the lights go out, turns out they don't really have much of an idea as to what to do once their dream comes true.

I'd like to think I have no illusions about the way of life that my grandparents had. Between my grandmother's insistence on the dispensation of her matronly wisdom and me actually visiting and living in the house my mother grew up in during the school holidays of my youth, I understand perfectly that it was nowhere near as comfortable as what we have today. The romanticisation of the noble savage is, quite frankly, a whole load of bull. The electricity and water in that old wooden house were installed after it was built; I still remember the wires and pipes crisscrossing along the walls.

And my grandfather was considered a well-to-do man in the community.

I'm appreciative of the luxuries of electricity, of piped water and plumbing, of the internet and being able to go out to the grocery store and buy fresh food relatively cheaply instead of scrounging in the dirt with my hands for the fruits of the earth.

But it may be what is needed.

It's our duty as red-pillers to wake others up, if they'll accept our message. It's our duty to keep on improving ourselves, for our own survival, if nothing else. It's our duty to enjoy what's left of this sick, vile, degenerate world that's still worth enjoying while it still lasts.

The world that's coming will be full of untold suffering. It'll also be full of opportunity.

Be ready to seize it.

Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors, but today we kneel only to truth.

- Kahul Gibran

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