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Friday, 22 February 2013

Not all S'porean women are like that...

Something to warm the cockles of my cold heart before I finish up my self-improvement post:

"So… this morning on the way to work I asked a guy out for dinner tonight. He declined, pointing at the stump where his right leg would have been, (in Mandarin) 'No, no, ppl will stare at me. It’s too inconvenient.' 'Haiyah, don’t worry! We can stare back at them!' haha. Oh well, I try! :P

"But in the end he said yes! He agreed to meet me outside the MRT in front of McDonald’s at 7pm.

"There wasn’t anything very urgent at work today, so I left a little earlier :) Reached Tiong Bahru MRT at about 6.15pm and there he was! Waiting for me! Ok la, not really waiting for me, but he was there on his wheelchair going about his daily trade, selling tissues.

"'Hello Chia yeh yeh!' 'Mei you’re early! See, I’m wearing a new shirt just for you!' Hehe. Am glad that he was just as excited ;) So off we went to HK Café and I must say, I had a really really good time. Even in my half-baked Mandarin, we managed to talk about his life, my life.

"How contented he is with whatever little he has. He taught me to live each day with a heart of deeper gratitude and greater thanksgiving. And to realise that I have more than I need. Far more than I really need.

"How far I fell short. How far we all do.

"After dinner I asked if I could pray for him :) Said a simple prayer of blessing and protection over him. (got a friend to translate it earlier..hanyinpinyin rocks!)

"'Thank you, Mei! I had a wonderful time tonight! Next time it’s my turn to buy you dinner ok!'

"Hehe, such genuine appreciation. Gave him a side hug and off he went with his new baju and angpau (yes, you can also give angpau even though you’re not married.)

"Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to be a blessing. My heart is full."
We need more women like Laura Yee. A lot more of them.

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