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Monday, 11 February 2013

Peering out of the box - 11/2/13.

Youtube - Cappy Cap and Aurini both weigh in on the decline. Take an hour out of your schedule to do some listening, if you're interested at all on the subject - it's a must-listen.

Sultan Knish - The Unverifiable World.
The proliferation of bad faith experts, experts for hire and amateur experts means that there is more bad science than there is good science, more wrong ideas than right ideas, and no interest in turning the leaky boat around and finding some safe harbor on the shore. 
The advancement of civilization depended on developing methods of sorting ideas based on objective standards while the program of the left has been the politicization of objectivity. Without standards there is no way to agree on anything without resorting to force. This force does not necessarily have to be physical, it can simply mean seizing control of enough institutions to distribute a manufactured consensus to everyone under the control of those institutions.
 The Spearhead - Females in foxholes.
“Combat” nowadays may be very different than what we were training for thirteen years ago, but I still can’t get my head around why they think women belong anywhere near it. It’s not just a Boy’s Club, it’s a place where everything bad that can happen usually will. Sending women home with gunshot wounds and missing limbs and severe PTSD won’t prove anything. It’s setting fire to the houses on either side of the one that’s already burning, just to maintain a uniform appearance. It’s a completely pointless endeavor.
Then again, the feminists have always been more than willing to throw women under the bus if it means the advancement of their disgusting little idealogy. But if you look at it on a deeper level, the powers that be no doubt gave this the go-ahead because winning a war, or indeed, combat efficiency was never their intention in the first place.

M3 - There are NiceGirls all around us.
Ever hear a woman call a man a commitment-phoebe?

Ever hear all of these women pour forth a river of tears , shrieking in agony and cursing to the heavens about how they did everything to keep the relationship going, how awful these horrible men were for not pouring in the same amount of effort, how he’s a creep, a loser, immature, peter pan, man boy child, not ready for a serious relationship and how he wouldn’t man up to take the relationship to the “next level“?

The vitriol that bursts forth from their lips when cold, harsh reality sinks in as her mind awakens to the fact that all her efforts were for naught, all the while receiving cold comfort and validation from a security blanket of female friends, a gaggle of hens who curse the stupid awful mean man who simply refused to appreciate her epic awesomeness to perform his duty to the imperative and commit to her.

We see it all the time but never call it out for what it is because we live in a world that gives primacy and validation for the female preferred method of both promiscuity and attaining commitment.

It’s the rules of GirlWorld™.

Vox Day - Uneasy lies the head.
Take a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines whre carrying at Obama’s second inauguration. The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round. 
Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable. Remember all those times George Bush (miss him yet?) traveled to Iraq to meet the troops? Troops who had working rifles slung on their shoulders, with loaded magazines in pouches on their belt.  I can’t recall ever seeing the troops with weapons in hand when Obama paid them a visit and after seeing this, if anyone can find such a photo, I’d have to bet that the bolt carriers had been removed prior to Obama’s arrival. 
It’s painfully obvious how much contempt Obama has toward the military and the feeling is mutual…and the Secret Service knows it too. From a purely symbolic perspective, this strikes me as a very last days of Rome motif.  What sort of Commander-in-Chief doesn't trust the men he is commanding?  And why doesn't he trust them?
Free Northerner - Amanda Marcotte the libertarian.
Now, I honestly think it’s unlikely that Amanda Marcotte is going to be voting for Gary Johnson next election. I highly doubt she has carefully examined her views and decided that individual freedom was the goal of politics. Rather this is probably just a case Amanda replaces thought with wish.

She probably just saw someone pointing out one of the logical outcomes of one of her life choices and reflexively threw out whatever she came to her so she could avoid having to acknowledge that actions (or nonactions in this particular case) have consequences.

It probably never even occurred to her that SS and Medicare depend on an ever-growing population to remain sustainable. It probably never even occurred to her that her desire for “free” stuff (like child care and contraception) from the government forces other people to serve society.

It is almost sad that non-thought like this can be published by a somewhat “respectable” operation.


Marcotte never thinks before she speaks (or writes). She simply sees the need for more babies as another burden for women that will limit their choices and options and she stands against anything she perceives as bad for women. What she really means by “reworking” the system is taxing men at a much higher rate so that women’s choices can be fullfilled.

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