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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Feminists throw everyday women under the bus, part 3:

The second Ottoman Empire continues its march to the quaint silence of feminists:
The police move was revealed as a parliamentary hearing was warned that large numbers of girls aged as young as six are being sent from London to Africa  for genital surgery which leaves them with painful and life-changing injuries. 

It came as the Met disclosed that it is close to bringing the first British prosecution for female genital mutilation after receiving nearly 150 reports of cases involving girls in the capital already “cut” or at risk of surgery.


Nimco Ali was taken to Somalia for female genital mutilation by her mother when she was seven. The procedure was performed in a hospital and to this day the smell of Dettol still gives Ms Ali flashbacks.

The civil servant, 29, from west London, said: “It’s bizarre because my mother is a feminist, believes women should be educated and independent.


Ms Ali, a founder of the Daughters of Eve FGM campaign group, added: “London is now the capital of Europe where FGM is happening. It’s happening in people’s houses, clinics, with struck-off doctors.”
One interesting point of note: FGM is usually performed by women on their daughters, much in the same way that MGM was traditionally performed by men on their sons.

I also notice the lack of outraged screams by the UK feminists, even while they try to cover up the fact that men and women have massively disparate sentencing for equal crimes.

But then, we all know that if it can't be used to blugdeon men or doesn't fit the progressive agenda, they will happily let crap happen to women without blinking an eye.


  1. It has been interesting how decisively feminists have destroyed 'females', and for the most part very little resistance, I see some, but it is mainly on the backs of MRA/MGTOW crowd. But, whatever, we need allies everywhere we can.

    1. We'll be needing as many good people as we can get on the ark of Team Civilisation when the flood hits.