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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Breaking news on Gandarusa:

From the MCIP:

News on Gandarusa, the Indonesian pill: The researchers have completed their Phase 3 study, of 168 couples in the pill group and 164 couples in the placebo and condom group, for 3 months. Of the 168 couples, there was one pregnancy (pretty low, considering human nature is to forget pills sometimes). 

There were minor side effects such as abdominal discomfort or headache in less than 2% of the men (they didn't say what the rate was in the placebo group), while many subjects reported that their stamina, libido, and appetite were increased. The government has approved a pre-registration study for this year (that likely means distribution on a small scale to see how it goes, before distribution to the whole market). So it seems this method is moving forward. Here is a rather entertaining news story about the study from last summer.

Well, well, well. It seems more and more likely we'll be seeing it in Indonesian pharmacies this year. With Indonesia one of the places most removed from feminism in the locality (it is the main source of Jihadist terrorists in the region, after all), I'm not surprised that it's the first to come up with a commercial non-hormonal oral male contraceptive.

Hey all you guys in the anglosphere, I hear Indonesian beaches are pretty nice all year round. Might want to come over later in the year, enjoy yourself, maybe pick up some herbal supplements to bring home, aye?

Heheh. When it does come out, rest assured I'll take a ferry ride over to Batam and get a few shots for you guys.

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