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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I don't really have much to add to this comment here from TCS. Draw your own conclusions:
I'm not sure what they sense, but here is what they should fear:

I'm an honorable man and I want justice.

There are no non-Feminist women any more than there are no men who aren't "potential rapists."

Regarding "fair", I tried being a good man, an honest man without regard to the social cost, and there was a heavy social cost. I am the best friend unworthy of intimacy, the helpful tool easily disposed, the ready protector called creepy.

I have smiled and nodded, understanding that many men are not like me and women have some legitimate reason for caution.

Women aren't being cautious, though. They aren't even paranoid, a real psychological condition that can be treated. They are instead reveling in faux drama to experience excitement in their lives.

I have drunk from the cup of injustice of unfounded suspicion for 40 years, understanding, apologizing, proving myself with physical evidence and independently observable achievement.

So, this will be "fair":

GOOD women will bear the charges of the worst of their gender:

that they will kill their unborn for convenience or, if not, they will breed with one man and enslave another through fraud;

that they will terrorize their husbands by careless malfeasance, casual emotional cruelty, and unanswerable physical violence;

that they will lie to the police and the courts and the press and their friends without hesitation and sometimes just for entertainment;

that they will divorce for boredom;

that they will live as parasites on their own children's sustenance - an abomination unknown anywhere else in the animal kingdom.

GOOD women will do this for 40 years, bear UN-founded accusation and suspicion, and they will do it with a smile - because it is fair and just and DUE.

Perhaps, after that, GOOD women will turn on the BAD, the militants, the drama queens, the liars, the extortionists, the parasites, and the slut walkers, finally understanding them as the personal threat they are. They will aggressively treat Team Woman as the enemy it is.

You see, not being a Feminist isn't enough, too passive to have any value. Women eradicating Feminists won't be enough, no cookie for just doing the right thing.

I want justice, the reputations of all women ruined, because I have already paid for it.


What you are arguing is that mercy is better than justice. I agree that mercy is better than justice, but that doesn't redefine justice.

What "non-feminist" women want is to restart the game. They've noticed that it was unfairly played for a long time. That's a nice thought, but they're cheating. Fair is switching sides of the field at half time, which is analogously what I am demanding.

Non-Feminist women just want to change the rules so they don't have to play from the ugly end of the field and get hurt the same as the men did. And me? Who cares about my life? Screw me, I'm just a disposable man with a disposable life. The more quickly you can sweep my life under the rug, and into the grave, the better.

Do I want reparations like the Feminists? Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do. They got them, so why shouldn't I?

Which are you here? Are you a woman first, or a rational being? Is it all about you or can you see any larger principles?

I don't suggest that you be intimate with anyone for any reason. I, without any reservation stated specifically what I wanted - I want you to live as I did.

You will admit that I have every reason to believe what I do about women, because they've demonstrated it. You will offer and provide proof that you are unlike those horrible women. That is my demand.

You're inventing a strawman to defy. You want to involve sexual relations where I only address women's reputation for false dealings and selfishness. If I had meant to include sexual relations, I would have. I'm demonstrably bold on every other matter, aren't I?

How hard can it be? Don't abort for convenience. Don't marry for a party. Don't divorce for boredom. Support your children instead of living on their child support payments. Don't offer what you won't deliver. Is that too much for you?

At the end, I am also very explicit and clear on why I want what I do:

It's not enough that you sit on the sidelines and saying that its not your fault.

It's not enough that you work to defeat the Feminism that has led to such heinous behavior by your "sisters".

I want you to know this injustice as I know it. I want you to see these bad women as much a threat to you as to they are to me.

But you're too 'good' for that, aren't you? You're too pristine and guiltless. The standard I lived to is too high, too hard, to expect you to follow.

Then I'll agree with you. You can't do it. You can't recognize another's hurt. You can't have compassion. You can't earn the good reputation that you expect and demand.

Yep. That's pretty much what I thought.
In other news today, Washington state proposes to redefine "maritial rape" again to not require any form of physical coercion. So, attempting to talk one's wife into sex can be "rape". Golly. Sounds like the "cyber-rape" that was floating about a little while ago.

For any blue-pill ladies who might actually have stumbled upon this: know that you are rapidly wearing thin the patience of your menfolk in an already crumbling world.


  1. Well that's an unfortunate point of view. There is nothing to be gained by perpetuating animosity between the sexes. Perhaps if we lived on separate continents it would be reasonable, but since we live together, "reparations" would simply make matters worse. For everybody. If most men, due to their inborn protective tendencies, can hardly bring themselves to punish individual women for immediate wrongs, how many men will enjoy punishing all future women for the past wrongs of most women? Most men are simply too moral and too rational to want to live like that for forty years.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wrote the above statement before I clicked on the link, to ensure that I would respond only to the words written, and not risk including personal bias. Then I saw who wrote it! Ecclesiastes is a known rabid ideologue, and a bigot; it doesn't surprise me in the least that these are his words. There are a handful of Manosphere denizens who are dyed in the wool misogynists, who deeply despise women. He is one of them.

    1. That was my main worry, yes. I'm not sure who Ecclesiastes is, but this struck me as very Stardusk/Barbarossa-ish, perhaps more so than Barb himself. The more of these kinds of these people manage to crop up the harder it will be to fix things.

      Everyone's got to stop giving people reasons to start throwing rocks to the other side - both misandrists and misogynists are made, to paraphrase M3. Or at least, a certain portion of them.

    2. He keeps popping up all over the place. I initially met him at Dalrock's site, and although I may not have been the cause, he left not long after I challenged his-off-the charts Crazy. Worse than a SoCon.