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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good posture.

I've taken some advice that should really have been common sense and fixed my posture over the last two to three weeks. Get rid of that slouch, shoulders back and high, arms away from body, backs of hands turned forward, stride with a little jaunt and purpose. That sort of stuff; it helps to imagine I'm wearing a cloak and have a sword on my belt. Chin high, and when I sit down, I pretend I'm on a throne (which means either a regal posture, or a delibarate villainous slouch).

The rush has been amazing - maybe it's a placebo effect, but I will urge every slacker to give it a try. Just acting alpha makes me feel a little more alpha, more "yeah, world, it's just you and me. I know I'm going to die trying, but in a time when men can only be bastards, it's best to be a mangificent one".

What I didn't expect was for my back to ache so much about the shoulders; it's especially noticable when I do my lat-pull downs, especially the 190-pound reps. Have I really been slouching this long, slumping away through life that my body grew to fit that mould to the point where trying to break out of it is actually painful? Come to think of it, yeah. It's certainly something to reflect upon, what I allowed myself to become.

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  1. We weren't meant to sit for long periods of time. Sitting down corrupts your posture. Trying to consciously change the way you sit won't produce lasting change -- you have to eliminate sitting altogether.

    At home I recommend a standing computer desk. In class try to stand if you don't have to take notes. You'll be more alert, too. Trying to change the way you sit is doomed to failure as you will naturally gravitate towards the most comfortable posture.