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Monday, 14 January 2013

Peering out of the box - 14/1/13.

A Voice for Men - A small ongoing saga regarding an interview given by Paul Elam to Erika Jarvis of the Toronto Standard and the article's subsequent withdrawal. All too common - the original interview was saved and is linked in the articles.

Alpha Game - Given the recent debate about sexbots in the reactionary section of the manosphere, Vox Day notes that Canadian feminists are attempting a pre-emptive strike against sexbots. From the article: "The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects."

Um, wouldn't the exact opposite thing happen? Men seeing objects as women? What would the word for that be, subjectification? And while we're at it, why don't we use the same logic to ban vibrators?

Oh, right, feminists don't have much in the way of logic or sense of history or reality. Remember how well Prohibition turned out? As I've said, so long as a couple of guys can do a little programming and assembly in their garage and bedrooms, there is no stopping it.

"This Canadian attempt to preemptively ban sexbots is an overt confession by feminists of both sexes concerning their belief that women have nothing significant to offer men but sexual services.  Moreover, it is proof that their "pursuit for gender equality" is directly and fundamentally opposed to the most basic human freedom."

Oh well.

Edit: It turns out that the drafted law may be a hoax. In which case, I'll merely call out Poe's Law - that it is quite impossible (bar some obvious sarcasm) to tell the difference between a real extremist and a parody. And let's face it: this would be how they'd react to the production of sexbots.

In the meantime, someone who works in porn has a take on the phenomenon.

M3 - The Crime of Being Nice. As usual, he tells things like they are; maybe a few nice guys will finally get slapped into waking up.

Dalrock - Let them eat cake. A pure example of how many modern women are simply blind to the pain and injustice inflicted upon men.

"In reality these two separate statements represent the same underlying sentiment.  Those being crushed by an unjust system must have somehow had it coming.  While they can’t dispute that the system is designed to be used to punish men without a need to show any actual wrongdoing, all they can think of are the great princesses who rely on the system to play strong independent woman.  The unjust system gives them power, and that is more important than the suffering of innocent men and children."

Rex Patriarch - The marriage strike certainly must be getting worse, considering what's coming out of the mainstream media.

Hyper Report - Continued drought increases food prices further. Oh well...

All right, that's all for today; I'm getting back in my box.

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