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Monday, 28 January 2013

Peering out of the box - 28/1/13.

A Voice For Men - Restaurant chain blocks mens' sites, AVFM included? Seems Norton might be the issue; investigations are underway.

The Spearhead - Swedish men leaving feminists to fend for themselves. Not surprising; as Uncle Bastardo said, "I truly wish to give you everything you say you desire, only it may not be what you want."

On women in combat roles - Aurini, Keoni Galt, and Vox Day point out that this insanity is possible because the point of the US of A fighting wars since WW2 is not to win, but rather to enrich the military-industrial complex.

An interesting comment:

Well, not to fear, I heard on the news further evidence that the American people are finally waking up. NOT

It seems that the national fast-food chain, 'Subway' advertises foot-long sandwiches. Some consumer activist discovered they were only 11 1/2 inches. Now Subway is being sued; and this was the topic of several local talk shows this weekend.

This was so reminiscient of stories I've read of the fall of Rome. While the city was under siege, the populace nearly rioted when the Caesar suggesting cutting welfare benefits. When the barbarians came into the city, they actually bypassed the Coliseum (which was still full of spectators watching the free circus) because their generals reasoned that interrupting the games would cause them more resistance than the few Roman soldiers still fighting would.

That's the future I see for America. As long as the Chinese and the Arabs don't cut off the cable TV, or the prescription drug benefits, or the welfare checks, they can fairly easily conquer us without much of a fight.

 M3 - Sluts shame good girls. Well, good thing I'm out of the market for the foreseeable future!

Sultan Knish - Building our own media. An important look into how the media strives to create consensus, and how we must fight it from the grassroots-up.

Blazing Cat Fur - Native causasians flee urban areas for the suburbs. Seems like the Second Ottoman Empire is chugging along merrily - just waiting for the whole of Europe to be hollowed out. If anything, the whole of bloody Europe under Sharia law would quickly mean the eradication of feminism in the continent.

 Hyper Report - Are we going to have forced debt creation?

Well, seems like the cracks are lengthening just fine. I'm going to get back into my box now, ugh.

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