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Friday, 25 January 2013

The lab ladies.

Everyone's got to start out small - you don't run before you can walk, you don't start out ladening yourself down when you start pumping iron, and you don't do calculus before you can do simple arithmetic.

I'm not sure what the general ruling is on this matter when it comes to game, but I've decided to start out small. Like M3 says, confidence is built by a string of steadily increasing successes, and if you fail right out the box, things aren't going to be looking up even though one of the tenets of game is projecting that aura of overconfidence. I don't think I've got enough to the real stuff to fake it convincingly, if you know what I mean.

Ian Ironwood has a very lovely guide to male dominance for beginners in a couple of easy steps, which I'm currently trying to apply in my daily life. It's not easy for one to break out of one's mould, of course, especially for a self-identified delta/gamma, but nothing ever worth having should be expected to be easy to acquire.

As any engineer of any stripe can tell you, book learning is all well and good, but the practical aspect of things is essential. To this end, I have a handful of young ladies whom which I use as target dummies and refer to as the lab ladies.

Unfortunately, the lab ladies are not very attractive women. As I've mentioned before, they're mostly 2-4 on the HB scale, perhaps the female equaivalent on the sexual marketplace of a high omega or gamma male. Some of their more misfortunate attributes include buckteeth, being overweight, a bony frame, narrow hips, I think you get the idea. One of the lab ladies would have been a 5, perhaps, if not for the severe acne on her face that bumps her down to a 3 in my estimation.

At least there're no manjaws to be had.

Ach, but I'm not here to dwell on their physical shortcomings. The point is that this makes them a little more starved for male attention than your average Singaporean girl - which in turn makes them perfect target dummies for your recovering delta/gamma mix; since I have no intention of escalating on these ladies, I couldn't care less if I get friend-zoned in their subconscious minds. I just put on my laundered and ironed lab coat (when almost everyone else stuffs theirs into the lockers, where they become horribly stained), adjust my expression to a slight, self-assured smile (or poker face if it's aloof guy day), and it's off to work.

I've gotten comfortable enough around the lab ladies that I sometimes find myself slipping in the eye-contact department (need to brush up on that, can't get complacent), but it's also allowed me to move onto some mild kino practice. Nothing serious, since I'm still sussing out the principles for myself, but it's mostly shoulder or forearm touches. This has been going on for most of a week now - I'm still not too good at reading the subtleties of peoples' faces yet, but I don't think any of them flinched on any occasion or tried to pull away, even slightly. I'd like to think that's a good sign, but I'm far from being a PUA or traditional patriarch to overestimate myself. We'll see where this goes.

 Furthermore, we've just been handed another project by our professor to be carried out over the course of this semester; the group consists of three of the lab ladies and three other guys. No one else wanted to be group leader, so the job fell to me, pah. I suppose this will be a test for me - I've got to keep on top of my game to be situationally alpha and not look like a fool.

Interesting times ahead.

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