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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Team Civilisation.

Vox Day has made a great post over at Alpha Game about Team Civilisation. A notable quote:

"It is important for even the angriest, most justifiably bitter men of the androsphere to remember that the survival of civilization requires the joint efforts of both the sexes.  By all means, denigrate, shame, and mock those women who are actively, if unknowingly, attempting to bring civilization down.  But it is vital to be able to distinguish between civilizational friend and anti-civilizational foe."

Mm. With all the talk over at SunShineMary's about sexbots replacing women (or at least, what far too many of them have become today, both in and out of the Anglosphere), at least for the middling and lower-ranked guys, I really find it hard to feel sympathy for any of them who embraced, or still embrace the whole "men are useless, for they are but muscles, ATMs and sperm banks" mantra.

I remember back in 2000, when the whole "the Y chromosome is dying" nonsense (odd how the trumpeting stopped and was replaced with derision when it was discovered it was capable of self-repair, and fell quiet completely when its mutability suggested it might have been responsible for up to 30% of human evolution. Nature does take more chances with men than it does with women, after all.) was at its peak, and seeing an issue of Time magazine with "men dying out?" splashed all across the cover. I remember reading one of Angry Harry's pieces back in 2004, when he quotes one glorious biologist as saying "men are parasites". And of course, in recent times, we have Greg Laden from A-doubleplusgood declaring that men are just women whose brains have been poisoned by testosterone.

So yes, with so many years of "men are useless" under my belt even as a young man reducing me to my penis and muscles, (I mean, who cares about all the stats which point out that children do far better in intact households?) I can't say I care much for what these women think of being reduced to a pussy and womb by sexbots. Perhaps then they'll have to bring more than a warm hole and a baby bag (sometimes) to a relationship.

And Vox Day has pointed out how to do that. Hop on the boat with the men and women on Team Civilisation, because instead of giving all of you ladies the benefit of the doubt and sifting out the bad apples like in ye olden days, the strategy of the red-pill man these days is to sift and screen and search for the single good apple that looks identical to all the others in the barrel. Others have chosen to abstain from the barrel altogether and will need to be persuaded back.

Their standards will be high, so you'd better be prepared. Those worthy of being on the boat will be on board when the flood comes, and those who aren't - sluts and simpering manginas alike - will simply be swept away by the tide to come, whether it's from collapse or from a brave new world.

Coasta Concordia or The Dark Knight shooting? As Aurini says, you choose the action, you choose the consequences.

Because we're all in this together.

We need to be paladins (not crusaders). All of us. We need, amongst other things, to live our lives according to precepts of civilisation and be shining beacons of what we stand for.

For Team Civilisation.

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