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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Runaway brides in Singapore.

 From The Real Singapore:

"To everyone else outside of their relationship, Janice, 23, and Ken, 25, appeared to be the perfect fairytale couple. Secondary school sweethearts, their relationship outlasted the trials and tribulations of National Service and getting their degrees. They were an item for a whopping nine years before Ken proposed in early 2012 after they found out that their BTO flat would be ready soon,  and Janice accepted.

So it came as a huge shock to all their friends and family when five days before their wedding at a five-star local hotel in September 2012, Janice called it all off and took a flight to Thailand to “escape” her fianc√© and disappointed guests."
 The reason?
 “You could  put it like this – the third party was HDB. I feel like I was forced to decide to get married early because if I waited until I was, say, 30 and ready to settle down, to wait another three to four years to get a BTO flat would leave me no time to start a family. Everyone told me that Ken and I had to hurry up and apply for a flat together and then quickly get married once the flat application was successful,” said Janice, who just started work as an accountant last year.

“It wasn’t important to them that I still don’t know what I want with life, and I don’t know yet whether I want to spend the rest of it with Ken. It seems selfish, but it’s my life, and it’s more selfish to get married to Ken and later change my mind – divorce would be ten times more painful.”
 Solipism at its finest. I, I, I, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine.
 The rationalisation hamster is strong in this one.
"Janice may have called off her wedding, but the real price she had to pay was in the months after – getting the cold shoulder from Ken, having to pay off large debts, and an overwhelming shame at having “let my family down” caused her to have a nervous breakdown. Read about her struggle and Ken’s side of the story in Runaway Brides Part 2: The Aftermath."
Struggle. Struggle.
Kristoph Gavin, you may be a sick motherfucker, but you also have a sick crazy laugh.

Ahem. Excuse me. And yet...for all the independence, for all the equality, for all the desire to be strong and discover oneself...
She still insists on painting herself as a victim. Society still insists on painting her as a helpless little leaf, blown about by the horrible winds of life, an object to be acted upon, a thing without agency or desire or accountability.

In a time of supposed egalitarianism, why do we let women get away with behaving like children? Can you even imagine a MAN doing that to his bride and still expect to be pitied for being "pressured" into marriage?

To quote Mrs. Judgybitch:

"This is the idea that makes me reject feminism and so many other liberal theories:  that negative social consequences are prima facie evidence that a choice has been constrained by some nefarious plot designed to undermine a victimized group of helpless beings who lack agency or will or spirit and who can thus never be held responsible for their own decisions.  It’s patronizing, infantilizing and deeply, profoundly insulting.

It’s really an amazing feat, when you consider it from afar.  Feminism, which purports to promote the interests of women has managed to claim the moral high ground by postulating a theory that reduces women to helpless victims with no capacity to make decisions or face consequences.  We are basically children, at the mercy of forces we do not ourselves possess, cannot resist and are helpless to overcome." 

This isn't a woman, it's an overgrown infant in an adult's body. Who has rights but no responsibilities? A child. If people act like children, then yes - I will treat them like children, their physical maturity notwithstanding.
As Aurini said, actions have consequences - guys, you know the game in this day and age, and if you want to play it you're more than welcome to do so and get burned. Lady, if you're not sure you want to marry this guy, fucking tell him like an adult instead of feeding your damned hamster. But hey, society has declared that any woman can break any contract or agreement with a man at her desire; I'm mildly surprised that she's not demanding cash and prizes to boot.
And Singaporean women - you wonder why a growing number of local guys are looking for PRC or Indons or Thais, even without any knowledge of the manosphere?
Little wonder I'm an MGTOW. I can't even bring myself to feel anger or hatred for this woman, even if I wanted to. Pity with a dash of contempt, sure.

It's your life, sure. You can do what you want with your life. No one has the right to force you to live a certain way. Just don't expect to be sympathised with when the consequences come bearing down upon you and start making demands.

Any Singaporean cat food companies I can invest in?

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