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Friday, 18 January 2013

Who taught you to hate yourself?

Who taught you to hate yourself?

An excellent piece by Andy Man over at AVFM.

Regardless of the stripe you wear in the androsphere, be it MRA, MGTOW, PUA or Reactionary, this harkens to one of the fundamental truths of the red pill where it comes to relations between the sexes.

We men are not criminals for bearing a penis.

We men are not "women who have been poisoned by testosterone". Nor are we mutants, cavemen, dying out, or any other euphemism used to dehumanise us.

We men refuse to be duped any longer and buy into a revisionist history.

We men refuse to be shamed because of our biological sexual attractors.

We men shall not be demonised by a system that depends on us for its survival, and yet beats us into submission with the same breath.

We men shall not hate ourselves from some mythical "oppression" we perpetrate by the mere crime of just existing.

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