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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Water finds its own level.

The basic principles behind hydraulics can be put in layman's terms as such: a fluid must have equal pressure along the same level.

Pressure may be defined as the force exerted over an area.

Hence, if you push down with a weak force in a narrow tube, you can exert a huge force over a wide tube. To obey conversation of energy, you'll need to push the fluid in the narrow tube down a long way to produce a slight rise in the wide tube.

Now let's look at society today, shall we?

Masculinity has been criminalised throughout much of the world. The result? Alpha men and PUAs pump and dump carousel riders, while clueless betas taught to pedestalise women get sloppy seconds, to be raped in divorce court in a handful of years. Boys growing up in single-mother households end up as thugs and brutes, which are so much better at attracting the next generation of carousel riders - men are being born and bred by their own mothers to see women as little more than fuck holes to be used and discarded.

Age of consent keeps on creeping higher and higher, while thanks to the comforts of modern society, physical age becomes increasingly more disconnected from mental age and the ability to give consent. My grandaunt was married at fourteen, a mother by sixteen, and that was common back in the day; people were forced to grow up fast. What do we have now? Child paegeants. Honey Boo Boo. Children's bikinis and other pieces of clothing sexualising little girls as young as bloody six.

Male leadership has been derided as bad, evil, and an instrument of the Patriarchy(TM); women are to be shepherded into leadership positions via quotas, even if they have less interest in them. What do we get? The rise of Fundamentalist Islam, which states that women are only worth half of what a man is, that if you're an alpha male you get four wives, and if you're're a cur, and get to bugger little boys while waiting to die like a good disposable male so you can get your seventy-two virgins in heaven.

Intimate partner violence laws have gone absolutely insane, to the point where "emotional abuse" and "financial abuse" are the watchword of the day, when reprimanding a pet in a woman's presence is considered abuse under Australia's "The Plan". What have we ended up with? BDSM. People willingly entering into master-slave relationships.

I could go on, but I think you see the idea. For all the social engineering in the world, "undesirables" always start creeping back - and often in a far more destructive form than their original manifestations were. Water is going to find its own level, after all.

But hey, to paraphrase Cappy, enjoy the worldwide decline, folks!

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