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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It will not work, stupid. It will never work.

Silly Singaporean government, you have been doing this for the past twenty years and you still expect a different result?

"Singapore’s birth rate of 1.20 children per woman, according to official 2011 figures, is one of the lowest in the world. It is well below the 2.1 statistic needed to sustain the population.

On Monday (21 Jan), the government announced a slew of incentives and measures to address Singapore’s much-too-low fertility rate.

The government will pay for a week of paternity leave for fathers of babies born on or after 1 May 2013. It does appear rather unfortunately that fathers of babies born before the crucial cut-off date of 1 May 2013 will have to fend for themselves.

Beyond the one week of government-paid paternity leave, dad can have a second week of paternity leave by tapping into mum’s compulsory 16-week maternity leave with her permission, provided the baby is a Singapore citizen at birth, mum qualifies for Government-Paid Maternity Leave, and both parents are legally married.

To help balance work and family commitments, parents with children aged 7 to 12 years will get two days of government-paid child care leave annually."

Blah, blah, more throwing money at the problem, blah blah, more benefits, blah blah, more priority for public housing, blah blah, more blaming men as white-knight traditionalists are apt to do.

Just come out and admit that the society you created, which deems anyone who fails to get their good little educated prole merit badge as a shameful failure is killing any drive to reproduce on the part of both men and women. That the crazy "children must have iPhones" culture you encouraged made children so bloody expensive most people don't even bother to have any.

Economics will draw first blood, society spread the rot, and demographics drive the nail in the coffin in our modern world.

But hey, you guys enjoy the worldwide decline!

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