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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Distorting reality for the cogs.

The Singaporean government instructs women to do their damned national duty of cranking out children in addition to GDP:

Bolded emphasis mine:
Speaker of Parliament, Mdm Halimah Yacob said: "Yes, there's been a lot more talk about work-life balance because I think that lies at the heart of the success of our population policy because we want women to have more children, but (if) there's no work-life balance, they're not going to have more children. Or if they want to have more children, then they're not going to work. So you are giving women a very difficult choice, either they pursue their career, or they stay at home and have more children. So I think we must never put women in that position where they have to choose."
Along with the recent assertions by the Singaporean government that stay-at-home-parents are "economically inactive" (then again, they've made a whole bunch of blunders like calling nurses low-skilled jobs. Whether you believe this is the case or otherwise, it's certainly stirred up a hornet's nest amongst the populace), the true intentions of the government are coming across as nakedly as it gets. Squeeze out kids, citizen, hand them over to us, and it's back to the cubicle for you. And so what little social capital still remaining that women play a major part in maintaining continues to crumble, allowing the state to grab even more power.

To quote Laura Wood:

"But, yes she does think she could have had it all: “I could have made it to a similar place with at least some better version of a personal life.” Feminists believe they are entitled to top careers with no grueling sacrifices. One reason Callan became a top executive was that she was willing to do things such as eat meals at her desk.

What both these women deny is that most competent human beings desire mastery — not balance. Balance — in the feminist sense of the word — is a deadly bore."

Again, although it's a different reason here, the end result is the same: money is confiscated from both men and women to pay to continue distorting reality and save people from the need to make choices about one's life.

God forbid anyone need to understand the concept of an opportunity cost or make a decision that actually a) has consequences or b) doesn't toe the party line. 
Ambassador-at-Large Chan Heng Chee called for more childcare centres to be built within workplaces - an idea the PAP Women's Wing is prepared to push for.

Ms Fu said: "We are speaking on (behalf of the) Women's Wing, I'm sure we will definitely ask for more because we believe that it is either they're going to be very close to where they live, or close to where they can easily drop off. Accessibility, convenience are very important. Having them close to workplaces is important because women also appreciate the flexibility because you can never plan your life entirely, if you need to stay back a little while, you can dash down, so having it close to workplace is a very good idea, something that we'd like to push more."
You know, I was once chatting with a friend of mine. One of the things he brought up was that now there's a childcare in virtually every single Canadian office block. Colourful slides amongst grey concrete, morose children, the works. The rot is spreading.

Never mind that ye olde modern women are generally unhappier by every metric, never mind that an increasing proportion of them are on antidepressants, never mind that they're becoming increasingly too tired to take advantage of their "unleashed" sexual freedom, never mind that they wonder why the children they outsourced their rearing of don't love them, never mind that an increasing number of them are fucking up their own lives and ending up as crazy cat ladies.

I don't give a shit any more, and indeed, would like to give them everything they desire, for it simply means the reality distorter has to work harder and harder - until it finally snaps. Please liberate yourselves out of existence, and as Vox Day points out, the conclusion when society collapses is either the brothel or the burqua, like what's happening in Europe right now.

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