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Friday, 1 March 2013

I go on the air with Aurini!

Yours truly in an hour and half-long chat on the international spread of the zombie apocalypse.

A great honour to be on the air with him.



  1. I want to ask you, how did you find out about Aurini, Aaron Clarey and these ppl? Im a Malaysian engineering student studying in NUS and chanced across this video a few days ago. After watching a few of Aurini's videos, it really puts you into perspective how messed up Western society is and reading your blog only shows how Singaporean society is slowly following it.

    1. As I said in the video, there were a few Alt-Right guys who were linked to the MRM.

      People linking to one another who then in turn link to one another is how the manosphere is formed, a brain from many neurons joined together. Each one operates individually, and yet a consciousness arises from the sun of the parts.

      Singaporean society slowly following it? If it weren't for the govt putting the brakes on the cheese train, we'd be there a long time ago!

  2. Thank you for that interview, I am from South Asia and I see the same things happening even though our countries are dirt poor. Lot of people in the region think of your country as this utopia, but thank you for exposing the gory ugliness of what's going on there. I visited home after more than decade and I was amazed to see the material culture gone crazy, below replacement birth rates and women putting career over family. The villages also haven't gone unscathed as NGO's are doing there best to get women out of their traditional roles. The old extended families that used to be there are thinning out rapidly as that generation of people are slowly leaving us and all that is going to be left will be an empty shell of a country and its people.

  3. More people should listen to this!! It describes perfectly the problems facing the west!! DON'T GO DOWN THIS ROAD ASIA YOU WILL SUFFER JUST LIKE WE ARE!!!