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Saturday, 2 March 2013

So, Singaporeans. You want MORE socialised healthcare?

You are REALLY sure?
TRS Reader Masrina wanted to book an appointment for her husband's dental work but was forced to forgo the subsidy as the wait time would have been almost a year long. She shares her story:

Yesterday, my husband went to Geylang Bahru Polyclinic to make appointment with their dentist. He needed to get a referral letter from the Polyclinic in order to get a subsidised rate at NDC. As you know, you are unable to use your medisave for dental care unless it is for an extraction.

Since the cost of the dental procedure, after all the consultations and reviews would be over $1k, we needed to save as much as possible and try and take advantage of the government subsidy. He had his front tooth veneer broken which he made with NDC in 2006 thus that is how we know the cost of a veneer.

Days back, I tried to call the Polyclinic and no one picked up the call. I tried to call Bedok and Geylang Bahru more than a dozen times and left a message on Monday. They are supposed to call in 3 days but the call only came today on Saturday.

The most shocking thing is that when he went down to Geylang Bahru Poly to get an appointment for a referral letter, my husband was given 13th SEPTEMBER 2013 as the appointment date. That is 6 months away and this is only to get a referral letter. We still have to get the appointment booked for NDC which may take another 3 months. So to get your teeth fixed with the government subsided rate will need to wait almost a whole year!
You really REALLY want everything paid for you?

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