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Friday, 29 March 2013

Dribs and drabs, part the second.

*Have a very pleasant Good Friday, folks.

*A still from a local police drama:

*It seems like after their humiliating and crushing defeat with the documentary "Brainwash", Nordic feminists are attempting to label Nordic MRAs as evil misogynists, and all thought counter to their dogma as Thoughtcrime...

...All the while ignoring the massive influx of radical Muslim immigrants who actively attack and rape women and are far more misogynistic than the average castrated Nordic male will be. Once again, they prove they have zero interest in actually helping women when it doesn't service their idealogy.

*Things have been really going down the drain since Cyprus. That country aside, I'm aware of Spain, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, and now Canada planning confiscatory action. Did I miss anyone?

*North Korea has really gone off its rocker, hasn't it? Vox's money is on no actual attack happening, but we'll see.

*Coconuts really are wonderful, young or old, and no, they don't have to be in a line. Coconut water, coconut milk, and even grated coconut once you've extracted the milk. You don't imagine why when a guy is stranded on a tiny island with a single tree in the comics, it's always a coconut tree?

I may have a more in-depth post on this soon.

*Get away from the television, and take it one step further: get away from the silver screen. They rot your brain, as the saying goes.

*Interesting discussion in the Neanderhall: MTs get very pissed when they set out on a task and the result's not up to their standards, often tearing it down and starting from scratch again, if not from the last acceptable point. I'm generally a laid-back fellow about things I don't actively care about (big surprise there), so I guess that's a coping mechanism?

*Now even NASA admits we're on the edge of ITZ, although they're saying we're in for only a Maunder Minimum. Tex is still hedging his bets on a Grand Minima.

*Yes, I know about Kermit Gosnell. Yes, I know about a certain vile video that's been making the rounds amongst certain parts of the manosphere. Yes, I know about the mass media blackout on any aspect of the two. Nothing new on the face of the earth, really. Manboons, they are not learning animals, and neither do they seem to be moral ones, at least in their default state. What is the difference between Moloch and Tanit, and the Hobbesian Leviathian we have today? Practically speaking, none.

Screw the revolution, bring on the apocalypse. On a side note, I notice the pig-philosphers are running in their wheels at full speed in the video's comments.

*Vox points out that fantasy and paranormal romance is getting mixed up. I notice this in my local libraries, too; how the librarians imagine someone interested in Lord of the Rings is going to appreciate My hot studly supernatural boyfriend #456546 is beyond me. It just makes things harder to sort out, really.

*Koans are working reasonably well, it seems. Got through my presentations quite well, although I'm not sure about my overall performance. I ought to do a little more honest self-examination sometime.

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  1. You forgot Australia:

    Our female Prime Minister, who took a $100 BILLION budget surplus and has turned it into $10s of billions deficit.

    In an attempt to even out the accounts in an election year (they won't get re-elected) they're doing a cash grab on inactive accounts. This was always in law, but it used to be seven years, now it's only three.

    They estimate that it'll net them about $750 million of private money that, apparently no one wants and the country needs.

    BTW Our Feminist PM and her Feminist Governor General brought in the Australian equivalent of VAWA, so I don't think many men will be sorry to see her go.