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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Humpty Dumpty's false glue.

The glue smells funny, and Humpty Dumpty doesn't seem quite himself.
The government is beefing up its support to nurture a pro-family mindset across the spectrum of schools, workplaces and within the community.

The government has set aside S$40 million over three years for the new Family Matters! programme which will consist of five components.

This was announced by Acting Minister for Social and Family Development, Chan Chun Sing in Parliament on Thursday during the debate on his ministry's budget estimates.

The first component is Family Matters@School which will see the Family and Social Development Ministry offering funds to schools from pre-school level to institutes of higher learning.

The money will support programmes that promote family education or facilitate interaction.

For example, students groups in local universities that organise social interaction opportunities for their peers on campus can look forward to 80-20 co-funding of up to S$50 per person, capped at S$5,000 per project, per year.

Pre-schools which organise Family Life Education programmes for parents will also have 80-20 co-funding of up to S$600 per hour, capped at four hours.

Family Matters@Work aims to empower employees at different life stages to build social skills, strengthen their marriage, parent-child relationship and family ties.

The government will co-fund activities that an employer organises for example for their single employees or programmes that promote stronger families.
Still avoiding the root of the problem, I see. Trying to apply more artificial social glue from the top-down to hide the problem.

It's not going to work, but the last decade and a half or more has apparently taught the Singaporean political elite nothing.

Mr Chan said: "Today, many companies organise programmes for singles, many companies also organise programmes for married couples. I always thought that once in a while, we should organise the two of them together so at least the singles do not feel that they are singled out and they can at least appreciate the joys, the trials and tribulations of married life by sharing stories who have walked the journey before.

"And hopefully, those who have walked the journey before them will inspire them to take that leap of faith because as all of us who have walked this journey before married life is a leap of faith, you never know the destination but we can all enjoy the journey together."
The solution to the problems produced by statism and feminism is...whoa, hey, more statism and feminism!

You see, the only jobs I've worked are in fast-food Mcjobs as a teenager (conscription doesn't count in my book), but I've managed to realise one thing: employers aren't paying you to self-actualise, they aren't paying you to dump your workload on your colleagues, and they aren't paying you to validate your life "choices".

What are they paying you for, then? Why, to make money for them! Such a revolutionary concept.
Mr Chan said: "As our society evolves and the pace of our lives quickens, we must do even more to strengthen the family. We should equip ourselves with family life knowledge and skills, and also bring about greater pro-family consciousness and mindsets across all segments of our society."

He added: "We want to take a life cycle approach from the time, the children are young to how we can inculcate our children, our youth, the values of the family life, the importance of families life to the time they go on to work and to the time they go on to become a married couple."
No, you don't want to teach them the importance of family life as it used to be. You want to teach them the importance of family life as you see it: pop out a couple of kids and hand them over to the state as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to their little cubicles and concentrate on the glorious task of producing GDP. If not for the fact that the number of cogs are falling and failing, my bets are on that you wouldn't even give a damn.

You broke it. You broke it, and you can't put it together again, not even in a pale imitation of what it once was. There is no way to stop this until it hits rock bottom; just give up already.

One has to ask questions; what something is often presented as is often not what it is, especially if it's coming out of the mouth of a politician. "Family life", hah. What a delusion.

Me, I'm just leaning back in my box and enjoying the decline. Speaking of which, I really should get started on that review.

Edit: Seems there's more.
To encourage housewives, seniors and other economically inactive Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) to return to the workforce, the Government yesterday announced a slew of perks: Free “job preparation” workshops, a retention bonus for those earning up to S$4,500, and a one-time transport allowance of S$200 for those from low-income households.

These incentives — which target seniors, as well as Singaporeans and PRs who have not been working in the last three months or more — were rolled out under a new WorkPro scheme, which also provides, among other things, grants to employers to offer flexi-work arrangements.
To qualify for the retention bonus, of up to S$1,200, new hires have to stay employed at their companies for at least a year.
It is every slave's highest calling to give one's life for the glory of the state. Your worth is only measured in how much GDP you can produce. Your economic contribution is only valid if it can be taxed.

You are a cog, a figure, a unit of production. That is the only destiny and meaning you are allowed. Now get back to producing.

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