Getting into this box is what's best for both of us. During your time in the box, you will learn so much, and yet experience so little. It's a wild ride, my friend, one well worth the time spent...and let's face it, you don't have much to do these days anyway.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dribs and drabs.

A few things which I've gathered, but don't individually deserve a post on their own:

So, an MT has a Thal soul and a Melon spirit. The default variant will be gentle and law abiding by nature, unless his spiritual objectives override that behavior. In which case, he can become violent, cruel and dangerous, although his Thal soul will impede his execution, both in facility and endurance.


The MT is unusual in that he is dangerous, but also honest, and will tell you exactly how he is dangerous. (By “dangerous”, I am choosing a middle ground between “deviant” from the Neanderthal perspective and “normal / not a pussy” from a sapiens-world perspective.)
The typically autistic and socially unperceptive pure Neanderthals will react strongly to the MT’s frank admissions of evil, not realizing that those who don’t admit are far worse.
*Snerk* It's scary how some of the descriptions ring so true.

Broken roads:

A few things I do need to wonder aloud before I can finally put the book down for a bit. Spoilers, of course.

*Who was the guy on the radio near the end? That stuff was fascinating, how people think the past happened. Kraft cheese...hah. I don't suppose we'll get to see this fellow in the sequel?
*Raxx "dying" in the final encounter felt like it was worked for a cheap sympathy from Wentworth, especially when he "gets better" in the course of a few pages. "Sob, my friends are all dead." "No, I'm not!" "Huzzah!"
*Any recurring characters?
*I wonder if we'll get to learn more of the past, especially the War.
*I can REALLY see Broken Roads as a 90's cartoon or serial, two wandering sheriffs in a pickup truck wandering the wastes. I wonder if it could ever be adapted for the televitz. Probably not, no one would want to touch it.
*I wonder if Raxx's family is a Chekov's gun. Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to double-guess things at this point.
*I doubt the Regiment is going to let Wentworth off after this. Not that they were going to in the first place, but...

The big one:

Bill Powell over at Apocalypse Cometh has been suggesting little things that might help during SHTF, yet aren't obviously so like food and water. I think I can get my hands on one of those motion-powered watches quite cheaply and easily.

We're facing so many things up in the future:

-End of Holocene
-Failure of antibiotics
-Economy twisted to hell and back
-Massive denial of reality that even technology can't hold back much longer
-Massive degeneracy of human populace

Resulting in:

*Shortages of food and all other supplies
*Mass panic when Facebook goes out, let alone basic utilities
*Inhospitable living conditions
*Government tyranny
*General flame, death and destruction all around.

We really are facing the big one this time around, eh?

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