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Friday, 29 March 2013

Singaporean animosity towards "foreign talent" increases.

Seems to me that the whole immigrant issue in Singapore has been heating up, uniting the local Chinese, Indians and Malays in their resentment. Nothing to bring a diverse people together like an external enemy, eh?

"He said that his Indian company in Singapore did not have any Singaporean employees because their boss wants to save more for money for himself, and thus, he said, with approval of the MOM, the boss went to India to hire them."
Hmm, hiring even skilled professionals from foreign countries because they'll work for peanuts. Where have we seen this before? Note that Singapore does not have a minimum wage (not that I'm advocating for one, it's just an observation), so there's a lot less stigma over cheap foreign labour staying here.

Employment exclusion has been a thorn in the Singaporean anti-immigration side for a little while now, with more and more cases popping up recently - like Phillippines' Jollibee fast food chain setting up in Singapore, which supposedly also discriminates against Singaporean employees in favour of Filipinos, a lot of Singaporeans are discovering a whole lot of ways in which they're being held down by foreigners, although to be honest, foreigners in Singapore have been doing the exact same thing they've been doing for the past couple of decades. Domestic maids didn't just pop into existence within our homes overnight, and now that there's not enough pie to go around for everyone to gorge themselves silly, the locals are saying they were at the table first.

Guess the rules are quick to change when there isn't enough to go around, eh? "They took our jerbs!" has been a rallying cry of the masses since time immemorial.

Now there's another anti-immigration protest planned on May 1 -  or labour day, to be exact.

Of course, there's the other side of the equation, with those against immigration being lambasted as xenophobic and racist.

In the end, though, the whole argument is moot; the government will do what it wants anyways and everyone else be damned. This whole thing is just hilarious to watch.

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