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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Why you should learn game anyway.

"But I don't intend to pick up women," one of my classmates tells me when we're a little way out of the exam hall and on our way to the bus stop. "I don't see the point in this 'game' thing."

I've heard this line uttered sometimes in response to exhortations to learn game, in one form or another, such as "women these days aren't worth it anyways". The point these folks are making is that while they admit the value game has in the mating arena, they argue that they don't intend to mate anyway and hence have no reason to pursue game.

On the surface, that seems fair enough. I've explained in my previous posts the dilemma moralfags like me and Free Northerner face; while Roosh says to not let chastity hold one back and that passion is a virtue so long as it's in earnest, please excuse me while I disagree with the king, especially since I've recently spat out plenty of vitriol regarding the vileness of modern romantic love.

I fully understand that the deck is stacked against men in courts all over the world. I have no illusions as to how completely screwed over Singaporean men are in marriage, the cage that most of them unwittingly walk into. I fully agree with Aurini that 99% of modern women are unfuckable, let alone undateable. I fully have no intention of getting myself entangled with any sort of woman until the Cathedral falls, which might be years if we're unfortunate. Of course, there might be the exception if I'm blown off my feet, but as things stand, no thank you.

And I still am learning, and practicing in small amounts where possible, game. And if I were a mountaintop ascetic in a hidden monastery with some psuedo-mystic name like Thousand Leaves Fall, I would still go ahead and learn game.

So, if you, an unattached young man, not going to use game to pick up women, why should you go about learning it?

1. To learn the truth.

Number one. I'm not writing this for the kind of person who would rather live in Happy Pink Cloud Land where DaddyGov pays for everything and degrees in pink unicorn puppies gets one a cushy government job for the rest of one's life. The kind of people who are actually driven to look for the reasons why things happen, no matter how disquieting said reasons are.

Why, when others are perfectly willing to hand you knowledge on a topic that the average guy often wonders about but comes up short on, would you reject it? Knowledge that you can independently test and verify by yourself in order to satisfy your skepticism?

No, it's not as if you're going to be handed the manual to how men and women work, but it certainly goes towards explaining a large part of the black box that our meat machines are usually represented as in the great process flow diagram of life.

There's that wonder of learning, of exploration, when I first attempted to test my clumsily-crafted negs on the lab ladies. Of honing one's craft and getting results. Will I ever close? No, but seeing results and being validated is awesome. You start seeing the strings everywhere, even though you don't intend to pull them. I will admit there is a level of smug and "aha!" involved in having a hobby like this, but it's no different than going down to the park, just watching people about their lives, and drawing patterns.

2. To oil the gears of social contact.

This. As Roissy and many others have pointed out, as society becomes more and more feminised towards the end, the importance of game in simple day-to-day dealings is going to creep upwards. Already, Cappy Cap and others manosphere denizens are pointing out that HR departments are becoming more and more obnoxious and inane, with hiring interviews becoming more and more like dates.

As Aurini says: "HR: Women with useless degrees who think they're entitled to judge the behaviour of men who are 10X as qualified and productive as they are." Unfortunately, until the accumulated weight of inane regulations finally crush the putrid corpse that is the corporate workplace, we have to deal with HR. Certainly we can all bemoan the decline of society, but we've got to live through the darkest hours. A little game, like Cappy Cap points out here, can make you stick out a little in the minds of those dumb broads and get you that job or salary that you need to make ends meet.

Then there's women in society at large, in elevators, on the bus, in the workplace, and all those mundane places you go in your daily boxed routine of driving, working, eating, breathing. You can't avoid them, and it would be nice to at least have a spot of game to make any necessary interactions tolerable and avoid any scowling or altercations. We can tell on an instinctual level when people are disgusted by our very presence, and it's not a nice feeling, no matter what logic tells you.

And it's not just about women. You've got to deal with men, too; after all, women are only one half of the equation when it comes to game. Let's say you're in a work team, and a couple of guys start AMOGging. Are you going to throw your weight behind one of them, enter the fray yourself, or try to keep out of it? Can you make a rough estimate of where the guys around you are on the socio-sexual scale and make general predictions of how they're going to behave in a given situation? Where someone will fall in given a hierarchy?

The more you know, the less you have to deal with, and the more pleasant your day. Why not?

3. To understand yourself.

"Understand yourself and your enemy, and you will win even a hundred battles.

Understand yourself but not your enemy, and you are evenly matched.

Understand neither yourself nor your enemy, and defeat is all but certain."

I know that's not the exact phrasing from The Art of War, but the message is still there. In this case, you may not be able to know the strings attached to everyone else, but you can damn well understand the strings attached to you and understand why you are behaving the way you are. A well-cultivated sense of self-reflection with a good dollop of honesty is the cornerstone of self-improvement, and the truth, of which game is a part, is its base.

Which leads up to...

4. To be a man. 

So you don't learn game to get women. You learn game to improve yourself; getting women is only a side effect of this self-improvement. The whole of inner game is about becoming an interesting person who has a life of his own and does amazing things. You become more dominant and better at asserting your frame, not because you want to get women, but perhaps because it's easier to get everyone in your amateur sports team or project group to follow your lead that way. You work out and get fit to lead a longer, healthier life, not to get a foot in the door with chicks by virtue of your looks.

You learn game to be a goddamn man, instead of a male.

Before everything was lost to the progressive, feminist tide, when you watch old movies, what we call "game" today was known as "being a man". And it was not something that was solely restricted to the West - at least, not in my grandfather's case, when I reflect upon the tales my grandmother used to tell of him. When you look at old photos of the poor during the Great Depression, do they look anything like the hobos of today? No, because they had dignity back then despite their poverty.

Remember: women are, men become. How do men become? By exerting their will upon the world. All in all, when you sum up game, when you sum up the socio-sexual hierarchy, when you sum up LAMPS and all the other game-related ideas...

...The way I see it, it's all about the ability of a man to control the world about him.

Of course, if you want to play WoW and eat processed snack foods all your life, you're more than welcome to; that's your pejorative. I also reserve the right to mock you as much as I like. I might have given up on women as they currently stand, but I haven't given up on myself. And if you give up on yourself, what else is left but the high-fructose narcotic drip?

That is why I learn game. It's like a big stick - you don't have to use it, and indeed, waving it around is going to only cause trouble. But just having it will confer upon you an advantage in a competition with someone who doesn't have a big stick.

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