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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

So much for "love".

I hate love, or at least, this modern incarnation of it.

This vile thing ranks up there with the idea of democracy with universal suffrage as one of the greatest bloody lies of our time, and with good reason, too.

Because, you see, anything is possible, anything is permissible, anything is justified in our modern society if it's done for "love". Free Northerner and Dalrock have recently wrote pieces in which he points out that contrary to popular belief, love does not make pre-marital sex any more justified from a Christian standpoint than it would have been without:
I repeat, there is absolutely NO moral difference between friends with benefits, a living-together relationship, a one-night stand, prostitution, and a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. There is not the tiniest bit of moral difference between Roissy’s pump’n'dump strategy, dissention’s advocacy of escorts, and Susan Walsh’s advocacy of “meaningful” relationships.
While I do not profess the Christian faith, the gist of the above two articles is nevertheless quite true. The power of love is widely extolled in our modern society, blaring from every radio, magazine and televitz to be seen. Love conquers all, we are told. Love is not just a good, but is good. Love should be pursued at all costs, so the televitz shows us rom-coms of guys doing all sorts of stupid shit to get a girl, and bodice-ripper romance novels tells girls that it's okay to stay with that dark, brooding guy with violent tendencies, he can be changed with the power of true love into a hot, studly man who'll still be violent - just not against her.

We all know how both of those work out in real life.

I fucking hate love. Every single sin can be justified, or at least mitigated these days because of "love". Drive your car into a lake and drown your children so you can be with another man? That's not a murderer, it's a poor little victim torn by love, let's have sympathy for the sop. Unhaaaapy for just a little bit? Things not going 100% amazing? Trash that bastard, clearly it wasn't true love if it failed. Let's not give the guys a pass, either. The supplicating, the stupidity, the voluntary wrenching up of one's own life - all for what? Love?

Sounds like these days, there's nothing too ghastly, too depraved, too stupid that it can't be whitewashed by "love". A "crime of passion", and we think "how sad" instead of "how vile".

But can we really blame most people, I wonder? Young men are taught that receiving a woman's love is the highest form of validation that one can get. Young women are taught that their lives should be just like a Disney princess'. We're all taught that we should always be in this manufactured, plastic version of love while Sunshine Mary points out, along with most of her retinue of ladies, that most of her married life has not been a whirlwind of romantic love as advertised, but rather a slow hum of contentment she can take pleasure in even while cleaning the toilet. Dr. Illusion rightly states that marriage was never about love, that women who give into their hypergamy are merely shooting themselves in the foot, and yet we are horrified when we hear about arranged marriages in the past...because love isn't involved.

And it's not just romantic love, this vile agape without logos spewing from both the religious, where "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" while forgetting "go forth, and sin no more", and the secular with "don't be a hater". Don't be a hater, don't judge, don't rebuke, just love everyone and everything without thought or restraint or temperance.

"But what's wrong with two people in LOOOOOOVE?"

It speaks volumes that Romeo and Juliet was written as a testament to youthful stupidity, yet is seen today as a heart-wrenching tragedy. Love is like food or sex: necessary, but too much too indiscriminately turns it to gluttony and fornication respectively, especially when people have lost the meaning of love.

As Aurini points out: "free love" is neither free nor love. Neither free, for it comes with great societal cost and a eventual dissolution of society with a backward slide into barbarism that is happening before our eyes, nor love, for who can honestly say that the emotionless, hedonistic pump and dump or cock carousel that invariably arises by adherents of this religion be anywhere near love?

And yes, I call modern love a religion, because that is what it is, isn't it? Love as a member of the Machine State's modern pantheon. We sacrifice our children and even ourselves on the grand altar of free love, our faith in it is equal to that of cultists' and fanatics' to the point where it is seen as good despite the consequences, and its temples and treatises are everywhere.

Fuck this ugly, disgusting thing.

I hate love.


  1. This! This is the real red pill - that the femcentric view of the world due to elevating 'love' to an only ethical ideal is not real, it is the matrix. Rollo Tomassi did a similar post a month or so back called 'Hail to the V' which is along similar lines, and was like a mortar round to the remnants of the cathedral still lingering in my subconscious. After digesting that post, I am able to see the world a whole lot more clearly! A month of that unblinkered view, and I can subconsciously break down interactions that I observe to its most primal, first-cause sense.
    On a side-note, it's great to see a red pill blogger from Singapore. Your blog is on my daily must-read list after I was introduced to it the first time via Aurini. Care for a red-pill offline meetup with a fellow Singapore resident?

    1. No offense, but given Leslie Chew's recent arrest, I think I'll stay under the water for a little longer.