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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A change in the air.

Is it just me, or are things in the 'sphere getting shall we put it, reactionary?

I know I haven't been part of the 'sphere for very long, around five months tops. I know that I tend to gravitate to various parts of the 'sphere because of my own inherent biases.

But I still can't help but smell a change in the air.

Cappy Cap was one of the first sites I wandered to once I divested myself of the MRAs, and while he's an excellent aggregator in his own right he's also had a number of excellent posts stretching years back. Thing is, while he's always had a disdain for the Left, he's usually kept things confined to women and economics. Recently, though, he's been speaking a little about immigration, media, race and other stuff in his posts and videos, and a lot more emphatically, too.

I used to go to CH mostly for the Game posts, but it also seems to me that the folks there have started talking about race-baiting in the media and the clear anti-caucasian bias of the Left. The same goes for Roosh - Return of Kings has a good number of more reactionary ideas and articles bobbing about in what's supposed to be a introductory site for newcomers to the MAndrosphere.

There's definitely a change in the air in the wider world, both in the anglosphere and beyond; one can certainly get the impression that Interesting Times(TM) are coming for us all, and there will be nowhere on earth to hide. It wouldn't surprise me if the electronic world was reflected in meatspace, or vice versa.

I understand that my blogroll is probably a very small sample size for all the stuff that's floating out there, but it's worth a thought, especially with things in the world turning out the way they are. Are more people flocking to the Dark Enlightenment? Are those who already identify as part of it speaking louder and more publicly? What do you guys think?


Unrelated addendum, because this is a tad too small to require its own post - koans are going fairly well. Testing out Koanic's faith of a mustard seed koan, with a quick visualisation of standing firm in the face of an explosion or gale, depending on what I'm feeling like at the moment. I've found it works better for dealing with pain from a direct external source - physical pain while at the gym, for example, or emotional pain caused by uncertainty/anxiety/fear, such as a faux pas in a conversation. Quick visualisation, reassert oneself, and skip over the blunder.

The temperance koan, on the other hand, is geared more towards dealing with internal pain (visualisation: bow head, close eyes, focus inward on chest/heart) that's generated by my inability to fulfill the demands of my spiritual drive.

Some situations are clear-cut, others less so as to which koan to use.


  1. Hello fellow denizen here. Aurini made me aware of your existence

  2. I wrote a post about this topic today and linked to your site/article as well. I just started my blog so could use a linkback if you can manage.