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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What I want.

Wald over here has done a small list of what he wants in a woman, so I felt compelled to start-up a me-too business and get some things down for posterity's sake:

I've already previously expressed my psychological/personality/ideological requirements, so I won't go over them again. Ladies who don't meet the requirements of my moral code - nexted immediately, no matter how hot, pretty or cute you are, or how many of the below points you fulfill. Sure, the back of my mind will probably be panting and begging for a fuck, but my face isn't going to suffer living with someone who cuts on deal-breaker issues. Yes, it's short but fairly demanding for the average modern woman, to which I say fuck it. If I'm going to improve myself to shake off my mountainous gammatude, then I am going to be worthy of my demands. You don't qualify me, I qualify you.


1. Short. For a more exact definition, top of your head not over my shoulders, and I'm 170 cm tall (5'7" for you Imperialists.) Happily, I don't have that much of a neck, making me taller at the shoulders than a good proportion of people I know. Yes, I do find petite women adorable, especially those whom I conceivably can pick up with one arm; it makes them all the harder to take seriously, which helps my game a lot. We NE Asians are tiny people.

2. Tits. Will agree with Wald here. Handfuls would be ideal, but so long as not flat, they're not a deal-breaker. Again, we NE Asians are tiny people, and our women have smaller breasts on average. Fact of life, gotta deal with it

3. Hair. Agree with Wald again. No shorter than shoulders, otherwise, it's over. Small of back is better, but quite hard to find in this warm climate.

4. Face. I'm not too exacting - so long as you don't have buck teeth or coffee stains like some women I've encountered, I'm fine. I can overlook freckles or a bit of acne. What's more important - eyes. Widely spaced, big eyes (both horizontal and vertical length), preferably falling away at the corners.

There we have it, short and simple.

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