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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Singaporeans and their priorities.

Well, it would appear that Singaporeans have bought into the whole non-issue of gay marriage as an exercise in feeling all good and smug about themselves, unlike those nasty raciss sexiss homophobiss people:
"Former Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore and Malaysia, Reverend Yap Kim Hao, said he also hopes the Christian community will be more inclusive.
“The official teaching of the Methodist Church in Singapore did not declare homosexuality a sin until 2002, and the interpretation of the bible is always personally directed, time bound, historically determined and culturally conditioned… In light of Kenneth and Gary’s decision to appeal, I hope that moving forward, the christian community will focus on love, compassion, understanding and harmony instead of hate, condemnation, contradictions and conflicts as we strive to live in unity in spite of our diversity.”"
Yep, Churchianity, Agape before Logos, so on and so forth. Meanwhile, Our AGC sends threats of legal action to various local political Facebook pages if they don't apologise:

More here.

So, New Zealand has just legalised gay marriage. I couldn't care about the non-issue itself (I hold the same stance as Dr. Illusion and Jack Donovan on the matter, which is "fuck them, it brings about the decline so much faster"), but what I do care about is how they seem so enamoured with patting themselves on the back for not being RACISS SEXISS HOMOPHOBISS while their own government is passing bills forcing telcos to spy on New Zealanders without warrants and considering garnishing their savings.

Have you all no sense of priority?

I find it hilarious that Singaporeans are in a tizzy over the abolishing of an unenforcable law that by all that comes through the grapevine on campus is roundly ignored anyways, while the good old government is up to its usual - and now expanded - shenanigans.

Seriously, someone, please start the world.

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