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Saturday, 27 April 2013

A small aside:

Two more schoolgirls have been brutally raped in India.

I am not going to make a pointless, mealy-mouthed condemnation for political correctness' sake. As Vox has pointed out before, this situation in India will only continue to get worse no matter how many feminist laws are passed, or even if every Indian man were shackled with a tracking device.

Now Indians can learn from history - which points out that every single time without fail, angry young men with no future and no family will turn destructive, or they can double down on feminist and leftist ideology which has nothing to do with truth or reality. A culture that is perfectly fine with genociding its girls in the womb is brutal to them outside of it. A culture that believes in heritable culpability is horrified when Bad Things happen to children. What a surprise.

Reap what you sow, that's all I can say. Pity it had to happen to the innocent, but such is the way of this broken world. Since we aren't allowed to fix it, what, am I supposed to cry and wail as opposed to just shaking my head and turning away?

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