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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Churchianity, lol.

Sure seems like it's a global problem as the cultural rot spreads, that no one is safe from the grasp of feel-good religions all over...and there'll always be those peddling the snake oil.

"On the 15th July 2012, 23 youths came together to record a song in support of City Harvest Church and their leadership. This video was shown in Emerge 2012 as an appreciation to Pastor Kong, Sun and the leadership of the church."

A little background on the case:
The Commissioner of Charities (COC) is acting to remove eight leaders of City Harvest Church, including its founder Kong Hee, from office. This is after they were suspended last year by COC following an inquiry which revealed there was mismanagement of funds at the church.

The eight are: board member Kong Hee; board chairman and trustee Lam Leng Hung; vice-chairman and trustee Tan Ye Peng; executive director of the church's administration division Kelvin Teo Meng How; and executive members Sharon Tan Shao Yuen; Chew Eng Han; Jacqueline Tan Su Pheng and Serina Wee Gek Yin.

If the COC is successful in removing them - with the consent of the Attorney General - four of the key office-holders will no longer be allowed to hold any office positions in City Harvest Church or any other charities for life.

Six of them - Kong, Lam, Tan Ye Peng, Sharon Tan, Chew and Wee - are also facing criminal proceedings for allegedly embezzling more than $50 million from their parish. Their trial starts on May 15.
A cult is a cult is a cult, and Churchianity will be what it is.

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