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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day rally against immigration in Singapore.

Well. Today we just had another anti-immigration protest as a follow-up to the one in February. Organiser's estimate of the turnout is 5-6 thousand people by the end of the protest.

I've already mentioned how I feel about the whole immigration issue before in my interview with Aurini, but I'll repeat it here for posterity's sake: Singaporeans have got the cart before the horse. So immigration is a problem, what do they do? Ask the government to fix the problem they created in the first place.

Not that they're taking the initiative to fix the problem themselves by reproducing, but to be fair it really isn't safe to do that just yet with the world circling the drain. I mean, even I'm putting off taking the first step until I can get a measure of how bad the excrement on the rotary ventilation device really is going to be. Add to that the fact that executive privilege will always trump democratic voting and nothing will change, really.

Anyways, a few photos garnered from the internets reporting of the event and a little commentary for fun:

Oh hell no, boy. You do not do this. You do not use your children as a political pawns, no matter what your point is. You. Do. Not. Fucking. Use. Your. Children. That. Way. Not when they trust you. Not when they don't know what they're doing, what they're endorsing.

Fuck, this reminds me of the whole debacle where parents on both sides of the argument (I refuse to call it a debate) went ahead and got their children to say shit in favour/against gay marriage. I don't care, you don't misuse your power over your children that way.

Dumbfucks. Almost as bad as the V for Vendetta fools...

All I have to say to the V masks is:

So dangerous. So edgy. So rebellious.


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  1. I have always told my friends that the V for Vendetta movie was one of the most juvenile and unrealistic pieces of cinema ever. The whole premise required a massive suspension of disbelief and ignorance of how totalitarian states develop. The added 'right wing' naziesque anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-non christian emphases of the regime was just the cherry on top of the absurd sunday.