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Thursday, 2 May 2013

My bets on the next shortage:

As things continue to unravel globally, I'm fully expecting more and more shortages. Of course, there's no one reason for any shortage - for example, the ammo shortage in the US is taken to be both from panic buying on the part of private citizens and government orders. But so far, we've had gun, ammo and precious metals shortages, what's next?

Let me tell you: food. Why do I say this? Well, first there's the natural element:

*The 2012 drought decimated crops across the US. We are still living off 2011's harvest.

*Planting has been delayed in Canada and parts of the US, either through sheer cold and snow cover or it still being too wet for planting.

*When it comes to ranching, Ireland is now undergoing its worst fodder crisis in living memory while animals are being killed left and right by the cold and imbecilic government regulators refuse to allow farmers to put jackets and horse blankets on their animals to keep them warm.

*Fishing has been affected by the cold, too.

*Global food reserves have reached their lowest point in 40 years. (See point 9 in the link.) They are currently at 1970s levels, while thanks to food aid being sent to third world nations, their populations have exploded while their local food production industries have been undermined.

*There is already massive hunger in the US. It's just being very well hidden. If folks on food stamps and EBT cards went into bread lines, the starkness of the situation would be clear.

*Food price inflation may be as much as 8%. Where prices have not increased, portions have shrunk or been replaced with packaging and/or cheaper ingredients to match.

*Despite all this, as much as 30% of all perfectly edible food may be thrown away due to consumers' obsession with perfection in their food. Reasons include imperfect colour, slight bruising or abnormally-shaped but otherwise edible food.

From this, we can see that even if we were to kick the can down the road, the planet isn't quite going to be waiting for us. It has its own schedule, and it doesn't look to be pretty.

Then there's the human element:

*Most people have been urbanised to the point where they cannot live off the land. How many SWPL freaks do you think would have the guts to slaughter, skin, dress and butcher an animal for the table if their life depended on it? How many people do you think know how to grow their own veggies with legacy seeds instead of one-use GMO shit?

*Police may be staking out hydroponics shops and harassing customers who grow their own food.

*To add to the government control of food, a number of states are considering regulating, or even outright panning personal vegetable gardens. Crap like "public health regulations" are being cited to push these controls.

What I believe we have forming is governments around the world positioning themselves to take advantage of the global famine that is poised to happen. They may not have caused the impending situation per se, but they certainly are going to take advantage of it in a obey-me-or-you-starve way. The days where a five dollar can of spam may be worth more than a fuck may not be that far off, friends.

Pack seeds and learn how to grow your own food. I have an ex-vegetable farmer for a mother who can teach me this stuff, along with what I remember from my grandmother's knowledge, but not everyone is so fortunate. Store up some non-perishables to tide you over until the worst has passed and you can start rebuilding. Make sure you can adequately defend yourself from the starving zombie masses.

Prepare, friends, because the future belongs to those who are ready for it.

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