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Monday, 27 May 2013

Peering out of the box - 27/5/13.

Vox Popoli - Diversity in Sweden: Sixth Night
At this point, it should be obvious that my prediction of Anders Breivik being a harbinger of things to come was, at the very least, considerably less outlandish than many believed it to be at the time.  Nor are we seeing any sort of backlash in the form of more political support for the multicultural parties across Europe.
And if the police are stupid enough to play quisling and take the side of the immigrants, as they apparently are doing in Stockholm, then they'll have to go too.
Bloody Shovel - The Rightist Singularity.
As it turns out, the optimal engine for leftism is egalitarianism. The physical properties of DNA itself mean that individuals from the same species can never be equal, so egalitarianism is necessarily unattainable. But millions of years of hunting in small bands mean half of the human brain is optimized for envy and hating those who attempt to be better than you. Actually is even worse than that, envy is hard wired deep in the brain since we were monkeys.
Nick B. Steve - The Reactionary Consensus.
  • Hierarchical social structures: Hierarchy is not only not bad, but natural and absolutely essential to the proper functioning of any social structure;
  • Sex Realism: Sex differences are real, are ordained by nature or nature’s god or both, and we ignore them at our peril;
  • Race Realism: Race and group differences are real, are ordained by nature or nature’s god or both, and we ignore them at our peril;
  • Memetic Realism (“Deep Heritage”): Traditional folkways tend to be real, i.e., non-ideological, and naturally arising adaptations to social realities, which therefore represent pretty good (at least) local solutions to very (or intractably) complex problems;
  • Economic Realism (later badly dubbed “Microeconomics” and we still await a name for the phenomenon): In any economy where an absolutely fixed supply of (properly divisible) money is deemed impossible or impractical, there is ipso facto a con game going where the issuance of money has itself become a political weapon;
  • (Hyper)Federalism: Local optima rarely scale well; subsidiarity; the right of exit must be guaranteed;
  • Social Justice: If social justice is anything at all, it is merely justice;
  • Democracy: The best and brightest of any society were ordained by nature or nature’s god or both to lead. Expansion of the franchise beyond that natural aristocracy is tragicomically foolish;
  • Politics: Defined as competition for parcels of power over unrelated others, usually as a means of redistributing wealth, politics is rightly minimized in any sane society.
Sultan Knish - The Warrior's Tale.
The tale has many variations. Sometimes there are many warriors, sometimes only a handful. They march into the village of the enemy in triumph, or they make a last stand on a rocky outcropping, spending the last of their heart's blood to buy time they will never know. There is the weak man who becomes strong, the strong man who becomes weak, the woman who mourns the man who will never return, and the man who goes off to battle with nothing to lose. These tales have been told countless times in the ages of men, and they will be told again for as long as men endure.
Cappy Cap - Strictly for da guys.
Greetings gentlemen. 
The ole Captain needs your help.

I need all the guys in the Cappysphere to send me what they would like to know in terms of personal financial and economics advice or wisdom.  This is going to lay the foundation for my next project and though I have a pretty good idea of the topics I'm going to cover, I want to make sure I leave no major or significant topic unaddressed.  Things like housing, budgeting, financial planning, etc, anything in the realm of personal finance that would be of interest, benefit or curiosity to you, please list them in the comment section below.
Thumotic - The specialisation of Reaction.
We need artists and speakers and marketers to brand and proselytize our cause. We need programmers and engineers to design our weapons. We need scribes, connectors, and social hubs to manage and catalog the Dark Enlightenment. We need specialized counter-Cathedral academics, journalists, and entertainers. We are building a complete replacement for the myriad of institutions which report to the Cathedral – The USG proper, her Anglosphere and EU satellites, the Universities, Colleges, Schools, Literati, Entertainment Industry, Churches, Foundations, and even temporary counters to Dalit street gangs. The Cathedral, interpreted broadly, employs tens of millions. A successful opposition will need manpower on a comparable scale.

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