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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Two ant farms.

Recently over at Alpha Game, there's been a small tiff that Vox terms Nihilists versus Civilisationists. He notes the following:

"This is why the accusations of lotus-eating on the one hand and white-knighting on the other are both misplaced and ill-considered. Both nihilists and civilizationists are necessary to the process of first destroying, and then replacing, FI society. One need not agree with the other to respect and understand his - or her - role in the necessary, desirable, and, I would argue, inevitable, process."

If you'll excuse my humble opinion on the subject, this is practically the most sensible position to take. Unfortunately, both sides over at the comments have gone at each other anyway, leading to one poster noting that it was almost as if Vox had raised two colonies of ants and pitted them against each other for his amusement.

I think the problem with the civilisationists making their argument over there is that a) they assume we will continue our hedonistic ways after the fall of the Cathedral and b) we're doing nothing to improve ourselves in the meantime.

That's untrue. I'm a living example.

I do want kids. I do want to settle down and raise a family. I do want to live a life much like my grandfather lived, if not better. But with the current odds, under which I would not enter a business contract, or even hook pinky fingers on, why should I even bother? As Cappy Cap says: "Don't try until you're 35." I'll paraphrase that slightly for my purposes: "Don't try until the Cathedral has been torn apart."

Have men pursued and raised families in worse conditions? Yes. But as I've detailed in my post on the four levels of MGTOW, what is happening right now is not a new phenomenon in human history, although it is unprecedented in terms of its magnitude. The natural order of things has never been upset to this degree - history may not repeat itself exactly, but it sure does rhyme.

"But that's the way we've always done it" alone doesn't cut it for me, either, and I don't have a religious imperative pushing me to get hitched. I'm a reactionary not because traditions and mores have always been the way we've done things (heh, nice tautology there) but because I believe that a) modernity is thoroughly flawed and corrupt and b) the past, including those often-scoffed "iron-age fairy tales", holds valuable lessons and truths that we can learn from and apply in the pursuit of building stable civilisation.

I support reaction not because tradition is tradition, but because tradition is good. And if a tradition in particular fails a cost-benefit analysis, then unfortunately I do not see the need to take it on board until circumstances change.

Yes, under normal circumstances family-building is conducive to society and civilisation. The problem is that I do not intend to save this civilisation, but nudge it as quickly as possible to the edge of death. As such, it is neither a good in the personal or communal sense; why should I bother?

We may not have long to wait. Mr. Powell over at Apocalypse Cometh predicts collapse in the next 3-5 years at most, and certainly much sooner. All the signs seem to point to it, with the latest snippets of news coming out being Japan's impending currency war and a world Bank whistleblower claiming, amongst other things, that there are plans for the US to come under martial law "soon".

Of course, caveat emptor on the details. No one can give you an exact date, and if they are, they're lying or deluded. But everyone who isn't on the soma drip can see the water circling the drain now.

Unlike women, we men have more leeway when it comes to time restrictions on starting a family - my grandfather was considerably older than my grandmother, after all. And so we men of the Interlude, we can take this time to improve ourselves. I'm exercising my body five times a week. I'm exercising my mind by reading reactionary literature online, what with most of Free Northerner's DE reading list being unavailable here - while I'm not visionary enough to come up with my own ideas, I certainly can read Mangan's, Foseti, Spandrell, Sailer, etc, etc, and digest what they have to say. I can practice my social skills and game, look for heirloom seeds of local vegetables and pester my mother on the art of growing them, stockpile necessities in my bookcase -

- I will not be able to prepare for all eventualities, but when this corrupted civilisation falls, I have confidence that I'll have a better chance of surviving and be more able to attract a woman than most other guys.

I trimmed my beard for the first time yesterday. It feels good to look good, and every bit will count.

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