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Saturday, 25 May 2013

As above, so below (part 2).

In my last take on the subject, I pointed out how the anti-immigration sentiment in the western world is becoming increasingly mirrored here in South-East Asia, with much the same causes - loss of jobs to foreigners, loss of Singaporean identity, poor behaviour of immigrants and failure to assimilate and so forth.

Perhaps it is fitting that coinciding with the Woolwich incident and the riots in Sweden that something interesting has cropped up in the region:

Malay neo-Nazis.

No, really, I'm not joking.
"A couple of years ago, my friend moved out to Malaysia in search of a life where a winter wardrobe isn't a thing and you don't have to worry about stuff like moronic bro culture or seeing Kim K's face on television. What he found was a job as a bar manager in an establishment frequented by Malay punks covered in swastikas, wearing Combat 18 (a neo-Nazi terrorist organization) T-shirts and harping on about "Malay power." Turns out they're a group of far-right nationalists who want to rid Malaysia of any non-ethnic Malays and stop immigration into the country."
And maybe it's just me, but they seem to be holding a lot of the same concerns white nationalists, and to a lesser extent, local Singaporeans do hold:
"Malaysia is home to people from China, India, and foreign immigrants from Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Burma. The government can't control the entry of immigrants and we get so many of them. There are so many protests against the government about this issue, but they haven’t done anything tangible to improve the situation. Race has become a focus because of the inclusion of uncontrolled numbers of these people in our society.

Malay people have been affected in socio-economic terms. Ethnic Malays also fall prey to criminals who come from abroad and sell drugs and commit murder, rape, robbery, and so on."
Funny thing is, the Malaysian government had had a long history of discriminating for Malays instead of against them; my mother still remembers being told to "go back to China" as a village kid. Sure, there are a huge number of differences between what's going on in the West and what's going on right here, but it's nevertheless interesting to see that even with a government corruptly sympathetic to the Malays in Malaysia, they're still getting pissed off about immigration and want an ethnic homeland. They were already pissed off enough about letting in the Chinese and Indians half a century ago; this really doesn't come as a surprise to me considering it's further backed by sentiments sweeping the world.

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