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Sunday, 12 May 2013

This is when I knew I would NOT enjoy the novel:

"I'm a writer."

"What sort of books?"

"Children's books. What were once called fantasies, but are now categorised as urban fantasies. No vampires, though," she added with a quick grin. "I don't do vampires."
This is when I take a deep breath, close the book and force myself to put it down calmly. Not that it was already stellar before, but this was the breaking point.

How utterly oblivious must you be to a) use your characters as mouthpieces and stand-ins for you and b) be so utterly wrong about the nature of the genre, its history, and what it stands for?

As an aside, I'm sure children will be more than enthused to read My necro-bestial-fae-magic Hot Boyfriend #9958403323476.

The degeneration of the genre has not gone unnoticed. It's sad.

"But that is neither fantasy nor science fiction.  What we are witnessing is the lingering death of two literary genres. What we are seeing is the subsumption of fantasy and science fiction by romance and horror."- Vox Day.

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