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Monday, 31 December 2012

Yeah, you'd have to be insane to...

 ...Donate sperm these days. Why the fuck would you want to hand over your wallet and body to the state any more than you already are? At least force them to the point where they have to come up with more and more inane excuses to trap men into indentured slavery, will ya?

Kansas man donates sperm to lesbian couple to have kids, gets slapped with child support.

Eight children in eight years. We can't stop people from breeding, but who the fuck approved the mass adoptions? And did these people give any thought as to why one would want so many children without being responsible for them? Oh wait, kids are fashion accessories and pet rocks these days, remember?

Here's another one:

Another man donates sperm to lesbian couple, signs away rights to child, gets slapped with child support anyways.

And a good oldie:

Seems like "gay" doesn't override "man" when it comes to assessing your victim-level. Time to shut up and pay up!

I dunno, why not go after the non-custodial parent in the relationship? Oh wait, both of them are women, what a to-do when we can't go after the default target! Let's make one up anyway!

Now, when can men start suing surrogates for child support, too? Oh wait, never. The inanity of the situation befits our current collapsing system as the state digs further and further for wealth transfers.

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