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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Asian paleo?

So I've been hearing about the paleo diet here and there on the Manosphere. Folks like Keoni Galt and Aurini endorse it pretty heavily, and as far as I understand it, paleo is a variant on the low-carb diet which emphasises eating the way folks did back in caveman times (hence the name). Fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood are the watchword of the day, and grains/cereals/soy/etc are to be reduced.

Doesn't sound like too bad of a plan, from what I've read so far. The main problem would be the "avoid cereals" part. A lot of the stuff I've read about paleo is largely tailored to a western diet rooted in a temperate climate, and a lot of the work is trying to come up with an equivalent I can work with on a tropical island with a melting pot of asian cuisines.

Rice is so integrated into Chinese culture that the verb "to eat" can literally translated to mean "eating rice". It's not polite to leave uneaten stuff in one's rice bowl, too - I'll ask for a bit less rice with what I eat, I guess. Soy is a bit easier to avoid if one keeps one's eyes open, although it, along with rice, was condiered one of the five major crops in ancient China. If you thought tofu in turkeys was one thing, we do pretty much everything with tofu here, from soups to salads to frying to even dessert.

Oh, there's more research to be done on the subject - if anyone has any good authorative links or journal papers published on paleo, I'd like to take a look at them (thanks to my university account, I do have access to a good number of journals on all topics) before trying out anything on a serious basis. I've always operated on a "be sensible on what you put into your body, and you won't need to worry too much about the specifics" principle. But since I've been improving at what's been coming out for the last decade or so since I was fifteen, I might as well consider what's going into my body and give it a go.

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