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Thursday, 27 December 2012


Was bustling about the usual hangouts when I stumbled across this:

Now, the rape of anyone, male or female, young or old, is a terrible thing, as is any crime, but as anyone can tell you, it's a highly emotionally charged issue and one that those old bloody activist groups are going to press home. Men are killed and raped every day, who cares about that, eh?

The sheer levels of white knightery, calls for due process to be eliminated, and female supremacism are sickening. I had to take a deep breath, sit back, and remind myself that as Fidelbogen and Barbarossa point out, getting into an internet argument with gender supermacists and white knights isn't going to change anything.

Any of you men in the anglosphere who might be thinking of absconding here, I will repeat: don't.


  1. To add salt to the injury, there is another victim in this crime too: a man who accompanied her before the crime scene happened.

    There had been a breif description of the male friend in some news articles (example:

    1. I know. No one cares about him, because he has a penis. Penis-bearers don't inspire sympathy in anyone.

      I had a discussion about this with my father just a few hours ago - he's still blue-pill. It's aggravating to try and explain to people about the need for due process in the face of the reflexive "but we need to protect women!", but one has to keep going.