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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rage and despair.

"The beta male is often characterised by a strong sense of justice."

I can't remember on exactly which one of the manosphere blogs I read that line, but it's stuck with me since.

I read this article over at AVFM a few days ago, and it's taken me a little while to get my thoughts together, not solely about the article, but about so many others that've produced similar emotions in me of late. To be precise: alternating bursts of rage and despair. Some days, I loathe humanity, and others, I weep for it.

The article was about the effects of contraception on society, but I think that the same can really be applied to all technologies. But to stick to this example, with the choice of being able to determine when and how we reproduce instead of leaving it up to Nature to do things for us, coupled with reduced infant mortality thanks to medical science, humanity should have been able to better use the resources freed up from needing to produce plenty of children simply to make sure some survived to adulthood. We should have progressed technologically, economically, morally, socially. I remember when I was six, science magazines were predicting moon colonies in the 2015-2020 region. We're nowhere near there. We should have taken the products of technological progress, reinvested them, and moved forward as a species. We should have widened the divide between us and mere animals.

Instead, what do we get? Sickness. Vileness. Deluded -isms perpetrated by those who lament the fact that those silly humans won't just do what they want to do, and need more social engineering. Technology freed us in part from our biology, and we turn around as a species and hedonistically embraced the darker part of our biology that the former tempered and kept in check. Instead of progressing us, technology has allowed us to regress into literally fucking beasts by taking away the consequences associated with such actions. It's allowed the sheer amount of...vileness that we see every day to proliferate unchecked, simply because there's no hand to wield the hewing axe.

I'm not going to be a moralist and state that I advocate forcing people to behave a certain way, but neither am I going to advocate buffering them from the consequences of their own actions in the way that is happening all around the developed world today. Behave as you want, just don't come crying about it when it all comes crashing down.

Glorious Bastard had this to say:

"Civilizations have known for a very long time that degenerates come; and then abruptly disappear. Often, it takes a major catastrophe for these degenerates to be discovered when they fail in their incompetence."

Is this the inevitable product of prosperity? Degeneracy, instability and an eventual collapse, only to have it happen over and over again until a metorite decides to come and wipe us all of the surface of the planet? Are our empires always doomed to fall under the weight of their own bloat and stupidity? I've read numerous articles on the manosphere showing the mirrors between Rome in its final days and what we have in the Anglosphere today, and it's hard not to concur with the idea that history is cyclical, that our natures once set loose by progress and the ability to ignore the realities of life will instantly turn on the same prosperity that makes it possible.

Is it a curse in our natures, our genes?

Can it ever be broken, or are we going to toil under it until our extinction? Like the old Ninja Turtles show went, "mind over matter"?

I want to believe it can, but in the darker days, I can't help but come to this conclusion:

We don't fucking deserve what we have.

Going back to the issue of contraception for an example, for oral contraceptives, with a proven <1% failure rate, it's astonishing that 48% of pregnancies in the US are unplanned (these stats do not count rape, etc, only consensual sex). Just what the fuck is this? Either a) women are pulling off the "oops" baby trap far more often than imagined, or b) people are just fucking irresponsible, short-sighted yahoos. Add to this a whole host of other contraceptive measures aside from oral contraceptives, and John the Other is right: except in the rare case of contraceptive failure (which by all rights should be miniscule statistically), there's no such thing as an accidental pregnancy - it comes as the result of either action or inaction. Of course, there're a whole list of excuses on the official report, which basically boils down to "it's really not women's fault for taking responsibility for their bodies, really, it's always some external factor".

Oh, and might they be too expensive? Well, since I'm not a lady, and nor am I from the Anglosphere, I have rely on vicarious experience. Thankfully, Patricesez has an idea:

If you or your partner can't come up with sixteen US dollars a month in disposable income, really, fucking around should be the least of your worries as opposed to putting food on the goddamn table. As Cappy Cap reminds us, economic liberty is the root from which all liberties stem from, but as the last US election proved, people are more interested over shitty identity politics than actual economic issues such as the goddamn fiscal cliff and that the US government is going bankrupt, it's only a matter of time.

And I watch Indonesia for any news of Gandarusa; let's see how things go when men get their own pill. According to MCIP, the results of the Nov 2 submission was that the pill was approved for a pre-registration study next year. Hopefully we'll get more news soon.

Or how about we pull something less loaded, like television? Philo Farnsworth believed that television would bring humanity together in peace, as people would be able to see how others in other parts of the world lived and empathise with them.

Well, we all know how television turned out. In the end, he openly regretted ever inventing it.

Oh! Oh! Or how about a truly classic example? Dynamite? Alfred Nobel invents it to blow up mountains, idiots take it to blow up other people. Nobel gets upset over this, institutes the Nobel Prizes, which in turn get corrupted into a circlejerk of a popularity contest than anything else, especially the peace prize.

It's looking a lot like we take what the best and brightest of our kind produce, with lofty aims and goals of benefit for all of mankind, and then the masses promptly go about corrupting their bloody fucking inventions and turning them into twisted things they were never meant for.

Of late, my mind's been ping-ponging between these two modes. Rage:

I want to see the world burn, it's what it needs, what it deserves

Maybe it will even shock people into actually waking up

At this level, treatment isn't possible, one has to amputate

Someone has to wield the hewing axe to this sick world, we've proven by and large we're incapable of making our own good decisions

And despair:

Once let loose, we are no better than animals

What is the point when the cycle perpetuates itself anyway

I want to hide in my box and never come out

But the imaginary worlds I build in my head are so much better than the real one, but the latter keeps creeping in anyway

Mr. Huff had these encouraging words for me:

"Our first mission is to Educate. This includes everything from current events, to theory, to preparedness. Our secondary and tertiary missions are to Support others and Change the culture through direct activism.

We can make predictions of the future all day long, and those predictions may be very bleak, but it does not alter the fact that we have a moral obligation to fulfill these missions. Even if it all comes crumbling down, we still have to be personally responsible for the type of environment we create afterward. 

Many would love to set down this heavy weight that tries to crush our minds. It is a significant burden to know how reality really operates. Some would like to Unknow and Unsee because the knowledge automatically creates a sense of personal accountability for how they use it and spend their lives. It becomes intrusive to some, as they had always been taught that what really is oughtn’t get in the way of what they really want. Being brought up with subjective ideas has created a harder road for them as our entire knowledge base is forged from objectivity.

In the end though, there is no room for despair. I have found great comfort along the way to fulfill our missions. Each person I talk to about the truth, each idea that is spread from one to another, each solution set to paper and discussed, and each plan made to rebuild from the ashes of a fallen civilization have all contributed to a sense of self that only comes when doing your utmost to fulfill our missions. I can look in the mirror at the end of day and actually know what love is. I can see the small ripples that I create both inside and outside our community of learned and determined people, and know that if we all do this that those ripples will become waves.

I know that for every person we reach that we are still creating a brighter future, even after a Great Fall, and what we offer in the end far outweighs any sense of despair some of us may have. We offer Hope."

We try. We all try. And, perhaps, we see that we might be gaining ground here and there, but it is a race against time. We can see the clock ticking. Massive irresponsible debt. School shootings. A general disillusionment spreading across the populace, with people becoming less and less happy as time goes on. Ignorance and stupidity, with people more concerned about what's on television or irrelevant concerns rather than the fiscal cliffs so many countries face (on an aside, I'm glad to note that for all its criticisms, Singapore has never run a budget deficit except for one year during the most recent 2009 recession. It won't stop us from being fucked over when the house of cards falls).

As Cappy Cap's pointed out, we're fucked socially and culturally. We're fucked demographically. We're fucked economically. All of us, across the world. Can anything bar a complete tear-down and rebuilding ever save us from what we have now?

I suppose it's part of being a young man that I want to do something that has results now. To take the quickest and most direct solution, and be a bit of a hothead in the process. But to do so would be to play into the hands of those who oppose us, and so I chomp at the bit and do my best to internalise the advice of those who have come before me. A young bull faced with a particularly aggravating china shop, held back by the wisdom of his elders as to the fact that the shop owner owns a shotgun.

M3 said this in his incel post:

"Confidence doesn’t come from inside as i had been lied to over the years. It grows over time through external validations of success. If you repeat the success you become more confident. Fail enough times and the confidence suffers."

The same thing happens with Hope; it rises and falls with successes and failures, and is so hard to build and so easily quashed. Hope...false can one realistically determine between the two, without what one desires colouring the assessment?

I do what I can. I talk to people who seem receptive to the red pill. I keep up with events. I've printed out a couple of AVFM posters and left them in conspicuous places. Maybe I should write in to AVFM and ask for some of their stickers, too.

But some days, it feels like it's a huge challenge, and I wonder if I'm trying to save the house of cards or laying the foundation for a new one, and if the latter, what good will it be if it's destined to crumble anyways?

Perhaps millions of years from now insectoid paleotologists in the service of Her Majesty the Hive Queen will be digging through the bedrock and finding the remnants of humanity, and they'll be saying to each other, "bzzt, yeah, these idiots were doomed from the outset, never learned from their mistakes, thank goodness we have a hive mind so we don't forget shit like this, bzzt."

I'm going to leave you with a Chinese saying: "wealth doesn't pass three generations".

The first generation builds the wealth and raises the family name out of poverty. They know the struggle to accumulate wealth first-hand, and are shrewd, careful, industrious and frugal as a result of their experiences. They leave a considerable sum of wealth behind after their passing.

The second generation inherits the wealth. They may have shared in some part of their parents' struggle to build the family fortune, and at the very least have the benefit of their elders' advice and guidance. The second generation has some idea of the underlying principles through which their elders amassed the wealth that supports them, and continues following said principles, although perhaps not so stringently.

The third generation is born into wealth and has had no part in the creation of the family fortune. Having known nothing else, they take said wealth for granted and squander it without a second thought, expecting there to be more where it came from. They have none of the principles that are required to maintain said wealth, and as their degeneracy and depravity continues while they feed off the carcass of their elders' efforts, the family sinks into poverty once more.

We are living amongst the third generation.

As Cappy Cap says, enjoy the decline. I know I'm trying my best, despite absolutely failing in the attempts.


  1. Great article, and well written.

    Appreciate the linkage.

    Of all things I see in the world, in my travels, in my life; none are as predictable as the spoiled ungrateful child lived out to adulthood.

    We see that here in our country alot. As if we are entitled to great living, and wealth to go around. No such thing exists.

    You work hard, apply yourself as best you can; die in a car accident. Life gave no guarantees. Make the most of the time you get; for when it passes, it passed.

    This past election made inroads to the public to take a good look at itself; and all I saw were people praising all the new handouts they expect to receive. I a now moving forward trying to take care of all my benefits (military) while there is time left. After they sink the economy, my male gender will harbor me no favors. Off to warmer seas.

    Overall; it takes catastrophe for people to listen. If all they have is the good life; complacency kills them all.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Glorious Bastard. Some days the state of humanity just gets me down. More and more I'm starting to think that people just aren't capable of making their own good decisions, and yet at the same time who can have the authority to make decisions for them?

      Singapore has been often described as a benevolent dictatorship - a system that might work well so long as the leaders toe a moral line like they've done for some time, but the problem with this system is that it's prone to abuse if someone unscrupulous gets in power (which frankly is a lot of the world's population, power corrupts and all that). I may do a piece on it sometime in the future.

      But yeah, life gives no guarantees. I'm going to hunker down, reinforce my box, and hope it'll manage to weather the coming storm.

      Merry Christmas, oh Bastard, and a happy new year.