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Monday, 10 December 2012

Japanese Herbivores Oppress Women

That's right, folks. According to this lovely propoganda video here, those evil Japanese herbivores are "oppressing women by forcing them out of their traditional submissive roles" and that the Japanese government needs to do something about it now.

Oh shock! Horror! Weren't those horrible Japanese salarymen of decades past oppressing their wives and forcing them into submissive roles, then having the great freedom of literally working themselves to death at their desks? Surely Japanese women should be overjoyed to have all the opportunities Japanese men have had, right?

In other words, "man up and be a good little worker drone".

Uh, no thanks. You see, Japan's population has been in decline for a few decades now. This matter is only worsened by the fact that Japanese women simply aren't attracted to herbivore men. From an economic standpoint, it seems that if the buyer (men) is not consuming what the seller (women) is offering, then perhaps it is the perogative of the seller, not the government, to assess any relevant changes in their product in order to meet consumer demand.

But that would mean that someone else besides men would be to blame, and we can't have that even though the climate is such that even the Japanese crown prince hasn't seen his children in years.

Oh well, to paraphrase the Captain:

Enjoy the worldwide decline.

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