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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weaselly Mainstream Media is Weaselly.

"Gripping spectacle as 18-year old girl wrestles 3 men at Kampong Ubi CC"
Taking out three heavy men in the wrestling ring is no easy task - especially for a petite 18-year-old girl.

Last night, Republic Polytechnic student Lee Xin Yi was seen attempting to do just that. (Bolded emphasis mine). Spectators cheered as she dodged blows from her much bigger opponents while trading dropkicks, cross-body blocks and headlocks.
The video provided in the article was not of the event itself, but a demonstration headed off by two muscular guys.

Could she be one of those +3SD upper body strength women that Vox talks about? Why, sure. But given all things, I'm betting on a case of Curie-Hultgreen syndrome and the press needed something to create social opinion. Note the implication in the first paragraph, that she actually took out three guys, and then the weaselly bolded quote in the second.


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