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Friday, 23 August 2013

Peering out of the Box - 23/8/13.

Vox Popoli - Publishing bias and the new vertical markets
And, in like manner, left-wing writers should learn to accept that right-leaning publishers will not work with them and an increasing number of right-leaning consumers will not read their works. The age of the uniform mass market and its ideological impartiality is over and the age of ideologically-based vertical markets is upon us. The sooner everyone on the right side of the ideological aisle embraces that fact and begins to act accordingly, the sooner we will be able to stop swimming in the moral filth, breathing in the philosophical effluvia, and wandering aimlessly throughout the creative wasteland of the Left.

Larry, I have no doubt, will disagree with my opinion. So will a number of other writers on the Right. And that's fine, as we can disagree about this and debate this without feeling any need to excommunicate each other or rigidly enforce a dogmatic consensus because we are not rabbits of the Left.
Amos and Gromar - A sense of fatalism: the beauty and violence of systems
It’s good that lower class white interbreed with sub-civilizational races and ethnicities because it expunges that lower bell curve segment of the white population, which can only serve to increase the good attributes of the average on the white curve. Given this fact, I’m not about to cry over the so-called extinction of the white race due to miscegenation.

It’s good that feminists embrace degenerate lifestyles, such as fat-acceptance, for several reasons. First, being grossly overweight and fucking fat signals to the sexual market not to date them. Second, being grossly overweight results in pain, misery, and an early death. If feminists were thin, neat, and well-behaved, it’d decimate the flock instantaneously and overnight–the wolf in sheep’s clothing. But it’s good that they aren’t, because even if they were, that sort of behavior which has within the seeds of destruction would have likely come out at some point (after it’s too late, I might add), so it’s good that they are presented to the sexual market place with visual signifiers of bad behavior, and probably bad genetics, namely a vastly underdeveloped and defective amygdala (R-selected leftists).
Sultan Knish - Looking back on the life of Barack Obama
After the ceremonies, the speakers, the guest musical performers and the services by an Imam, African Liberationist Minister and Reform Rabbi, Obama's funeral plane is expected to fly low over every major American city still standing, inciting riots, mass panic and all the chaos and destruction necessary for a proper sendoff to the man who destroyed America.
Jim - The total absence of a manosphere schism.
Lately a bunch of people have been complaining about a schism in the manosphere. Roosh dissed everyone except pick up artists, which upset lots of people. But Roosh’s complaint was that men without lots of experience with lots of women are poor sources of advice about women, which is trivially true. Dalrock is good as a source of truth about women, but Heartiste is better, even if you approve of Dalrock’s goals, and disapprove of Heartiste, minion of Satan.

If you care about truth, take it like a man. I knew the nature of women when I was teenage, but am a poor source of advice about women since I married very young, and stayed married, which cramped my style a little.


Oh for the double standard. When the sexual market place functioned, it was not because men were restrained, it was because women were restrained. We had, and have, a double standard for a reason, that reason being that men and women are very different.


Some non human animals are careful not to damage stuff or hurt people, some humans are not. There is significant overlap. Most non human animals need leashes. Some humans need leashes.

When the Park service was trying to design a garbage container that bears could not open, but tourists could open, they found that there is significant overlap between the smartest bears and the dumbest tourists. The same is true when it comes to civilized behavior.
 I agree: Jim is pretty much the most cynical reactionary around.

Free Northerner - 1-10 scale: an analysis.
Oh, and before I begin, Truthmosis at RotK has a post up on the scale that I came across while writing this. Check it out.

I’d also like to point out that, to some degree, beauty is subjective, so a numerical scale is not the be-all-end-all of female beauty. There are certain objective metrics of beauty: a 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio, symmetry, and other such indicators of fertility and health, that (almost) all men are naturally drawn towards. These can be a basis for an “objective” 1-10 scale.

But outside of that, there are numerous subjective factors on which men disagree. For example, I really like fair-skinned, light-haired, innocent-looking women (ie. cute women) and detest tattoos and piercings. A tongue piercing disgusts me and is an automatic 3-point drop. So, if I were to rate a woman with a tongue piercing a 5, others who don’t find it disgusting, might rate that woman an 8. Another example: I’ve never figured out why the Captain likes Jennifer Aniston or many men like Angelina Jolie; never seen the appeal.

Anyway, with that caveat out of the way, here we go.
Alpha Game - Meta-ruination.
The problem is that we always know what the Strong Female Character will do and say in every situation, because at no point can weakness be shown for fear it will expose the entire fraud.  And characters who lack weakness, who lack doubt, who lack even the basic trappings of genuine humanity, are little more than tedious cardboard.
A little something extra from Spandrell: 30 year-old Singaporean woman claims to be a virgin taken seriously by the press, claims that her mainland Chinese husband is so much greater.

In the Jakarta Post, but cribbed from the local Straits Times. Usual nonsensical self-validation shit, "intelligence is sexy" (nope, not in men or women), "educated women are so much smarter than those stupid breeder cows", "women who fuck around with foreigners are so open-minded and tolerant" and "it's not the local men rejecting us, but us rejecting them, ha ha, man up."

But what is additionally interesting is that the article tries to portray this sort of relationship as not just a) good but b) commonplace in Singapore, whereas the word on the ground amongst what can only be called our local Vaisya class is that mainland Chinese are at best disliked and at worst loathed, if the Feburary and May Day protests were anything to go by. Oddly enough, by and large the local Brahmins seem to be ambivalent on this issue, probably due to Singapore being already established as a bastion of multiculturalism and tolerance according to the national identity, so one can only wonder who's at work...not. Unlike the western model, the press here is quite obviously government-controlled.

Then again, only the deluded still believe the media serve to inform the public of social trends, instead of manufacturing them.

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