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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Peering out of the box - 28/8/13.

Free Northerner - Marketing Marriage.
McDonald’s doesn’t sell cheeseburgers by having a fat, ugly man eat them in his dingy basement while playing WoW and sobbing to himself. They sell cheeseburgers by showing groups of realistically attractive people having fun together while eating cheeseburgers.
Patriactionary - The reactionary cancer smothering the liberal heart of New York.
 Holy crap! They actually got the liberal city of New York, for a while, to enforce a rule that women had to sit at the back of the bus: segregation. Again, not something you’d see in a restored patriarchal Christian society, but amazing that this happened recently in the capital of liberal America. Why do the ultra-orthodox have such influence?
Jim - Words and meanings.
The word “racism” illustrates this. The ostensive meaning, what it is actually used to mean, is an insult term for white, like “cracker” or “honky”. The nominal ostensive meaning is KKK Hitler slavery. The nominal meaning, what people claim they mean by it, what dictionaries say they mean by it … is incoherent, incomprehensible, and differs from one source to the next, because no one really cares or pays any attention.

The lie implicit in the word “racism” is therefore that all whites are guilty by original sin of KKK Hitler slavery, that blacks suffer because whites exist, that merely by continuing to breath, whites harm blacks. For example, by thinking evil thoughts about blacks, whites cause blacks to underperform, (stereotype threat) and devastate black run cities such as Detroit. The logical implication of the word “racism” is that non whites need to eradicate whites, because evil white magic is causing non whites magical harm.
Anarcho-Papist - Masculine and feminine modes of discourse.
First, I should like to point out that the difference between the modes is not one of absolute superiority. The two modes are better suited to different sorts of tasks. The masculine mode is better suited to abstractive forms of thought, such as logic, philosophy, and science. The feminine mode is better suited to subjective forms of thought, such as emotions and the appearances of personal relationships. I’ll note that the two modes do have important contributions to the other aspects.


Given the foregoing, I might propose a revision of my post about why women won’t make it in the Manosphere. That revision is not that women may serve a unique place in the Manosphere, but rather that there is room for the development of feminine rhetoric based in red pill knowledge. The interests and modes of discourse of men and women are at a contrast, leading to little opportunity for women to take on the kinds and means of discussions men usually have within the Manosphere; however, there may be a sidelong Womanosphere, which I imagine will more typically jive with that contingent of the Manosphere which not only recognizes the disadvantages feminism imposes on society, but also seeks reasons and means of overcoming feminism.


As Manosphere writers, women might be typically overrated, but as Womanosphere writers, there is room for a lot of subjective insight.
The Reactivity Place - Christians did not build the Cathedral, but...
It is true that orthodox Christians did not build the Cathedral, but heretical Christians did, and they used Christian bricks.

Christianity is the most adaptively successful memeplex in human history. It has always, and likely for this reason, been a fertile breeding ground for potentially virulent competing near neighbors.
Le Cygne Gris - Full circle on testing.
I do wonder, though, how long it takes some enterprising students to figure out a way to skip college and take the CLA.  Then I wonder how long it will take for everyone to realize that the CLA exam is probably a waste of time, and that good old-fashioned SAT scores work just fine.  Then I wonder how much longer it’s going to take for the education bubble to pop once everyone realizes that college is a clusterfuck, and a poor substitute for IQ scores as a means of demonstrating intelligence.  Honestly, I can’t wait to see how this plays out.
Elusive Wapiti - Say no to crack.
While the commander claims he issued this decree partly for health reasons, it is more transparently an attempt to re-establish standards and enforce decorum in the midst of an anything goes libertine popular culture that sees little value in self respect or, failing that, respecting others enough to not wear your pants so low your underpants hang out.


Yah, the part about "health reasons" strikes me as pretty flimsy.

All this just goes to show the futility of legislating morality...or respect for others. If it's not internalized, good luck enforcing it short of an absolute police state. And who wants to live in one of those?
"Guide the people by law, subdue them by punishment; they may shun crime, but will be void of shame. Guide them by example, subdue them by courtesy; they will learn shame, and come to be good." - Confucius

Theden - The regime that offends our sense of basic humanity.

It is nonetheless difficult to come up with a moral doctrine under which the chemical killing of 355 people is unacceptable and the chemical killing of somewhere between ‘fewer than 500′ and 50,000 civilians is perfectly fine—not to mention aiding in the chemical slaughter of many thousands.

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