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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Good =/= nice.

I have previously written a short piece on my idea of The End.

The End, as I noted, will not be comfortable, let alone nice, and that's a massive understatement. Is it good, though?

Author Tom Kratman had this to say in one of his comments on Vox Day's blog:
Christians and children....My church's thing is running a school in Haiti. Having been adjutant of the battalion responsible for running the interment camps for Haitians (this was well before Death Camp GTMO, of course) at Guantanamo, circa 91 and 92, I am not entirely unfamiliar with Haitians and therefore with Haiti. I and not unsympathetic to Haitians, but I will not give a penny to running a school in Haiti. Why? Because the effect of educating a few hundred Haitians is to allow them to escape the hellhole that is Haiti, thus leaving Haiti the poorer in human capital and helping to continue the cycle of social ruin that is Haiti, in every particular.

Now the christian thing to do for a place like Haiti is to sail in and take it over, shoot or hang about a half a million people the country and the world would be better off without, build a nuke plant so they'll stop cutting trees for charcoal, plant trees, start a tourism industry again, and ultimately give a reason for human talent to stay there. Only then will educating the masses there do less harm than good.
Are these measures suggested by Mr. Kratman necessary? After reading the comment, I went and looked up a few facts out Haiti's resources, population, political situation and so forth. And the conclusion was, to put it succinctly, that the patient was a walking corpse and the best thing to do was put the fellow out of his misery. I personally prefer James A. Donald's and Vox Day's prescription of segregation, which is already being carried out covertly by the SWPLs and their lovely gated communities where they don't have to experience all the diversimification they're foisting upon the rest of the populace. Hey, good enough for thee, good enough for me.

The lesson to take away from here is that good things may not always be nice. In fact, good things, in my experience, have more likely than not been anything but nice, but that's certainly one step ahead.

Do I want violence? Well, my more wrathful baser nature would say yes, but that's nothing to do with any reasoning. Oh yes, I would dance upon the ashes of this society and heap is as compost upon the green shoots of what is to come. If there was a way out of this without the need to resort to violence, though - well, why have unnecessary violence? Even abandoning the moral standpoint and looking at it from a utilitarian one, why waste time and resources into violence when it's unnecessary?

But what I want is inconsequential in the end - there is no getting out of this without a crisis, and while I'm not historically well-read enough to determine if all crises require violence to be successfully resolved, the hole we've dug ourselves into this time is definitely deep enough to pretty much necessitate it. That, after all, is what fourth turnings are all about.

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