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Monday 24 June 2013

Peering out of the box - 24/6/2013.

Sultan Knish - The End of the World.
To understand why is to understand the purpose of environmentalism. Its harsh criticism of consumerism turns it into a moral activity. The Whole Foods shopper is elevated above the Wal-Mart shopper. The woman who buys sneakers made of recycled tires isn't shopping, she's engaged in an ethical communion with the earth. Environmentalism is the theology of consumerism, uplifting it rather than proscribing it, taking a cut of ordinary economic activities in exchange for its blessing.
As I've pointed out before, the disdain Leftism has for religion is not so much borne of any actual reason, but rather, a very common fear that as a religion itself, it'll lose converts to other religions. Keeping on the same line of thinking:

Cappy Cap - When Atheists Really Aren't Atheists.
Environmentalism is nothing more than a snooty person's religion.  Equally unfounded claims.  Equally unfounded moral superiority.  Equally deserving to get a punch in the face if they ever proselytize to you. 

They may "claim" they hate religion or are "too smart for it," but just like all the other sheeple, they find something to glom onto because they lack true and genuine independent thought and individuality (see hipsters).  Just because it isn't a biblically-based religion doesn't mean it isn't one and the intellectual weakness of one to subscribe to it doesn't apply.  But when you go to the extend to create a CHURCH of atheists you are merely mocking atheists and atheism.
The Economic Collapse - The biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the world.
Uncle Sam had once been the wealthiest man on the entire planet, but now he was a broke, tired old man that was absolutely drowning in debt.  Unfortunately, once he was down on his luck the rest of the world did not have any compassion for him.  In fact, much of the rest of the world celebrated the downfall of Uncle Sam.
Mangan's - Robotopia.
We're faced with a future in which lots of people will have little value in the labor force. Farmers went from 90% of the population to less than 2% currently because of industrialization. The same forces have hit, and will hit harder, every other sector of the economy. We have our own unskilled people to take care of.
Vox Day - A Mysterious Sinking.
So, do the Russians have an attack sub called "Yet Unclear Reasons"? Or, as appears more likely, did one of those Russian crew members take a creative approach to ship's maintenance? If it is true that the MOL Comfort was carrying arms intended for the Syrian rebels, it would appear that Mr. Putin has called Mr. Obama's decision to raise the ante.
We seem to be plunging headlong into WW3.

Jim - Economic Efficiency of Slavery.
Economists find this outcome most strange, but there is no mystery to it.  When stupid people, prone to short time horizons, get to make their own decisions for themselves, they are apt to make stupid decisions.
A slave maid could not steal the silverware, because she could not own anything.  An employed maid could steal the silverware, and probably would, and would be the worse off for it.  An employed maid might well beat the baby with stick as thick as her arm because her mistress spoke sharply to her.  A slave maid would not, because her mistress could do worse.
If slaves and masters were better off than employers and employees, an economist would ask, why could they not just cut a deal to do what they previously did, only without chains and beatings, do the same tasks in the same way, only as employees?
The answer is that question is: that the former slaves, once freed, could not credibly commit to stick to such a deal, and generally did not stick to such a deal, thus economically worse off.  Stupid people, prone to violence, with short time horizons, needed masters.
Free Northerner - Sexonomics: Odds of Divorce.
I can’t calculate the exact numbers by calculating all these odds together because a lot of these positive qualities overlap, but I consider myself justified in estimating, that the type of women I plan on marrying would have a statistical likelihood of divorcing me around 10%.
A 10% chance of divorce, even a 20% chance, while still higher than I’d like, is a risk I am willing to take.
The question of a cost-benefit analysis has to be approached on both sides. Free Northerner has assessed the costs, but what are the benefits of marriage when it comes to men?

Oh, wait. Nothing of any worth.

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