Getting into this box is what's best for both of us. During your time in the box, you will learn so much, and yet experience so little. It's a wild ride, my friend, one well worth the time spent...and let's face it, you don't have much to do these days anyway.

Thursday 28 February 2013

Shock to the system.

I wonder if I need to unplug from the manosphere for a little while, maybe a day or two - it's starting to invade my dreams. Was taking an afternoon nap earlier today, and dreamt that I was taking some sort of test or exam about environmentalism/climate change, and while I don't recall much there was a header on the top of the exam paper along the lines of: "there are some who believe the great age of our ancestors is about to return, and if you are one of those you can check out right now at Hawaiian (some nonsense word here, full of ls)."

I also remember seriously considering standing up and asking the invigilator if I could just fail the test right there and then, or even just fail the whole damn class and take the "F" grade that would ensue.

Have been reading Vault. Co as well; I think I took a couple of hard smacks to the amygdala while going through the archives; my whole head felt like it was full of cotton wool after each browsing session and the feeling lasted for a good couple of hours. One of the posts was bad enough to make me cry out in anguish, loud enough to wake up my mother and have her chide me for disturbing her sleep.

I suppose on the bright side, a couple of blows to my amygdala will only serve to toughen it up.

Some music helped:

Oh well, t'was fun while it lasted.

VAWA has been reauthorised.
The Republican-controlled House on Thursday approved an updated version of the Violence Against Women Act that includes new protections for gay men and lesbians, part of an effort by GOP leaders to improve their image among women after last year’s poor election results.

The Senate approved the measure in January and President Obama said he will quickly sign it into law.
I wonder how the US government is going to get all that money in a pinch...oh wait, printing press.

T'was fun while it lasted, folks. Waiting for it to all come crumbling down now.

When the courts turn kangaroo...

Vigilantes may be the only solution. From the RooshV forums:

Anonymous doxxes hussy who teaches others to make false rape accusations:

I don't know which is worse, this or the idiot who was giving away her kid to foster care because she didn't want to be weighed down with the kid while seeking a new beta chump.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Asian Paleo.

Slightly off-topic before we begin: I was walking to the bus stop today when I came across an older man, perhaps in his 50's, looked like quite a respectable guy. He was out walking a small black dog, and because I'm making an effort to be more sociable to and about strangers, I gave him a nod and wave and said, "good day."

He immediately stared at me with a gaze of what could only be described as guarded fear. My smile immediately turned from genuine to frozen, and there was this enormous sense of awkwardness as I passed by him and his dog.

It...this just stuck out in my mind. I didn't dare look back to see if he was still staring at me, that's for sure.

Anyways, Asian paleo.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Peering out of the box - 26/2/2013

 Captain Capitalism - Surgeons going Galt.
Freedom-oriented people need to understand that a crisis of care is coming... Not now, but soon enough.  I can rattle off in a flash the names of friends and aquaintances who have either gotten out of the pipeline (dropping out during training to get MBAs or to take jobs in consulting.. One friend is selling real estate in NYC!) or very capable fifty-somethings who retired or are planning on retiring very soon.  In the case of the retiring docs these are people who really enjoy what they do.  These are very capable surgeons, not easily replaced by a nurse.  Think of the loss to a community of a single 50-something surgeon. That type of experience takes decades to acquire.  This is what liberals fail to understand because much of the work they do requires no skill per se.  They just assume that someone who knows how to "fix it" will always be around. 
Things are going to get worse before they get better, folks. In related news, privatisation is good for hospitals.

Vox Day - The Suicide Party.
Seriously.  We all know the Republican Party sold out whatever republican principles it had long ago, so they should just stop pretending and go about nakedly pursuing power in an honest and straightforward manner.
Excavating Eden, Koanic Soul and Anonymous Conservative - A very interesting and politically incorrect read, which sucked me in for the whole of the afternoon. While I have to fully make up my mind on Eden Theory and Phrenology (I mean, even after staring at my face in the mirror for a good ten minutes and poking at the back of my head, I can't even figure out what I'm supposed to be to compare it with my life experiences. Hah!) and need to do more reading on it, the discussion of R/K-selection theory is quite fascinating and has some theories as to why prior to discovering the Androsphere, I was a complete effeminate schlobb, such as growing up constantly in fear of my alpha thug elder brother.

Understanding oneself and where one stands is essential to moving forward as a person. I can only face my fears if I admit they exist in the first place.

My View - The perfect economic storm.
I won't blame gasoline prices on President Obama. I won't do to him what the other side did to President Bush. Nevertheless, I spent $35 to fill my Ford Focus last week and $40 last night. That $ 5 that I won't be able to spend on something else.
I do blame President Obama for the health care premiums. He gave us exactly the wrong medicine for our health care crisis. We needed to fine tune the engine rather than replace it with one that no one can afford.

Last, but not least, the employment situation is still uncertain, specially for smaller companies who can't make any sense of all of this uncertainty about Obama-Care.

Yes, Obama-Care is the law of the land but the rules are still unwritten. This is like changing the speed limit but not posting the new number.

Yes, 2013 will be the year of the "3-part perfect economic storm" and there is nothing pretty about it.

SGthinker - PAP showing a lack of faith in the Singaporean consumer to spend prudently.
"These 2 measures, along with the earlier announced property cooling measure that limits the size of home loans according to the buyer’s income, show that the state is increasingly taking an interventionist stance in managing spending on the big ticket items of housing, cars and retirement. This is a major change in the PAP’s mindset, because the PAP had traditionally advoacated a political philosophy of personal responsibility. Citizens were expected to work hard, spend prudently, and save up a nest’s egg to take care of their parents and children.  But now it appears the MIW have decided that Singaporeans cannot be trusted to spend money prudently.

Sadly, I believe that some of these new rules are justified. Singaporeans are not exactly a poor lot. Not when we command one of the highest smartphone ownership rates in the world. Our ability to splurge on gadgets signifies that Singaporeans are vulnerable to consumerism mindsets. There are too many youngsters today who are complaining that they have no money to start a family, but are instead spending most of their money on gadgets, holidays and cars. So maybe the PAP is doing the right thing with these new rules, especially when income levels are expected to rise with the Wage Credit Scheme."
 Hyper Report - Nullification is spreading.
States, using the 10th amendment, have been dealing crippling blows to imperial Washington.    At last count there were more than seventy proposed bills that would nullify everything from the TSA and The Drug War.    Let’s keep it up folks.

Monday 25 February 2013

Bitch, please.

Seems like our Singaporean feminists are pretty upset that the government gave them the finger in the recent budget.

They want to recognise the contributions of dedicated giving them free shit so they can put their kids in the hands of the state and get back to slaving in a cubicle.

As they say in the old science fiction stories, "does not compute".

Then again, the whole of feminism doesn't compute anyways, so why should I be surprised?

Quick thoughts on the Singapore 2013 budget.

Now, today the 25th of Feburary in this foul year of our Lord, is Budget Day for the Singaporean government. On this very wonderful, magical day the Singaporean government reviews its expenses for the previous year, and works on budgeting for the next.

You can check out the Singapore Budget for yourself if you'd like here. I've read the 30-page version, and if you're not so keen on reading lists and lists of numbers you can go and read the 10-page version that's full of colourful pictures for the ah..."low-information voters".

I'm not an economist like Cappy Cap, though, so I won't draw any detailed conclusions but focus more on the facts and what I, in my limited capacity, think of them. All numbers here are in Singapore dollars (SGD), and the current exchange rate is 1 USD to about 1.3 SGD. Do the math yourself.

Without any further ado, a few numbers:

Sunday 24 February 2013

The state as substitute for society, part 2 - the learned helplessness of Singaporeans.

One of the more disturbing and annoying things I've noticed amongst my fellow Singaporeans is the increased calls amongst the populace for what appears to be a welfare state. Consider these recent comments (less than two days old) that I picked off a number of local forums:
nobody advocates a welfare state.. what is needed is to strike a balance between economic efficiency and providing social security and health care for all who needs it
The problem is that providing "social security" - which I take to mean unemployment and disability benefits, as well as healthcare pretty much DOES amount to a welfare state. Remember the whole "cradle to grave" mentality that sprung up in England directly after World War 2? 

"For all who need it" - where do you draw the line between "need" and "want"? There will always be someone who will claim that their problem is a "need" instead of a "want", and that the government should be the one paying for it. Let's say we have an unemployment assistance scheme that pays out for twelve months, and someone will claim there'll always be some genuinely needy household that can't find work within twelve months, so it should be extended to eighteen, and then there'll be a household that can't find steady work after eighteen months, and so on...

Aurini - The average degenerate.

This kind of stuff depresses me, but we've got to face reality to work things out and fix them. We've got to keep our chins up.

Saturday 23 February 2013

The second Ottoman Empire continues its march across Europe.

Well, this is not really surprising.

Spain has acceded to the demands of the Islamist government in Morocco by agreeing that Moroccan children adopted by Spanish families must remain culturally and religiously Muslim.

The agreement obliges the Spanish government to establish a "control mechanism" that would enable Moroccan religious authorities to monitor the children until they reach the age of 18 to ensure they have not converted to Christianity.


The Western concept of adoption -- by which an adopted child becomes the true child of the adoptive parents -- has never existed in Morocco (nor in most other Muslim countries).

Instead, Islamic law governs adoption through a system called "Kafala," a legal guardianship which allows a non-Muslim person to assume responsibility for the protection, education and maintenance of an abandoned child, but which prohibits a non-Muslim from formally adopting or assuming custody of that child.

According to Kafala, the "adopted" child must keep the name and surname of his biological parents. Moreover, the child must remain Muslim and must maintain the nationality of his or her birth. In effect, non-Muslim guardians are prohibited from establishing a full parental relationship with the child, as would be the case with adoption.


In at least a dozen other cases, Spaniards have converted to Islam in order to obtain custody over "their" children, especially if they are girls.

Seeking to end the "humanitarian drama," Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón announced that he would give in to Moroccan demands and amend Spain's Law Concerning International Adoption, dated December 2007, in order to bring Spanish law into conformity with Islamic law.

The legal changes, which are set to take effect in 2013, would "constrain" the rights of Spanish adoptive parents by obligating them to fully comply with the Kafala until the children reach adulthood.


Back in Spain, Ruiz-Gallardón's decision to make Spanish law comply with Islamic Sharia law has generated controversy. But it remains to be seen if any lawsuits emerge to challenge what some are calling the "Islamization" of Spanish jurisprudence.

Either way, to the extent that European lawmakers are willing to graft Islamic legal principles onto Europe's secular legal codes, Islamic Sharia law could easily become a permanent reality in Spain and across the continent.
 Ho hum. I don't think I have much to add to this. So, how long do you think it'll be before official religious police stalk the streets of Madrid?

Friday 22 February 2013

Improving one's speech.

I will admit, I have never been a very good orator. Part of this probably stems from the fact that no one wanted to hear what a fat kid had to say, except from maybe "stop it!", and once a habit's formed, it's pretty hard to break. I remember getting a hand-me-down cell phone from my alpha thug brother when I was sixteen, one of the few displays of kindness he ever showed me.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" I asked.

"Just take it or give it back," he snapped.

I got the message, palmed the phone and kept it duly charged and ready at all times. Over the course of the next two years I had it, no one ever called me on the thing, so I handed it away to one of my cousins a couple of months before I was due to be conscripted and cellphones weren't allowed during basic military training (at least, for me).

Not all S'porean women are like that...

Something to warm the cockles of my cold heart before I finish up my self-improvement post:

"So… this morning on the way to work I asked a guy out for dinner tonight. He declined, pointing at the stump where his right leg would have been, (in Mandarin) 'No, no, ppl will stare at me. It’s too inconvenient.' 'Haiyah, don’t worry! We can stare back at them!' haha. Oh well, I try! :P

"But in the end he said yes! He agreed to meet me outside the MRT in front of McDonald’s at 7pm.

"There wasn’t anything very urgent at work today, so I left a little earlier :) Reached Tiong Bahru MRT at about 6.15pm and there he was! Waiting for me! Ok la, not really waiting for me, but he was there on his wheelchair going about his daily trade, selling tissues.

"'Hello Chia yeh yeh!' 'Mei you’re early! See, I’m wearing a new shirt just for you!' Hehe. Am glad that he was just as excited ;) So off we went to HK Café and I must say, I had a really really good time. Even in my half-baked Mandarin, we managed to talk about his life, my life.

"How contented he is with whatever little he has. He taught me to live each day with a heart of deeper gratitude and greater thanksgiving. And to realise that I have more than I need. Far more than I really need.

"How far I fell short. How far we all do.

"After dinner I asked if I could pray for him :) Said a simple prayer of blessing and protection over him. (got a friend to translate it earlier..hanyinpinyin rocks!)

"'Thank you, Mei! I had a wonderful time tonight! Next time it’s my turn to buy you dinner ok!'

"Hehe, such genuine appreciation. Gave him a side hug and off he went with his new baju and angpau (yes, you can also give angpau even though you’re not married.)

"Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to be a blessing. My heart is full."
We need more women like Laura Yee. A lot more of them.

Thursday 21 February 2013

I have scant little sympathy for...

...This little minx here. Oh all right, I promise this'll be my last whiny post for now, and I'll get some self-improvement posts up soon. But this is so much fun.
SQ stewardess Vanessa (not her real name) is only 29 but she has over ten credit cards and is more than $30,000 in debt. Despite her growing credit card bills, she continues to live in style, driving a European sports car and owning a wardrobe full of expensive branded bags and clothing, most with their price tags still on.

Her extravagant behaviour is far from uncommon in the industry she works in – in fact, she said, most of her colleagues lead the same lifestyle. Young, beautiful, well-paid and jet-setting, their motto is to “live in the now” – and spend far more than they earn.

In Vanessa’s case, however, she might have bitten off more than she can chew: she has accumulated so much debt that she currently only pays the interest on her credit cards to keep the banks at bay.

“I know I’m in trouble, but I don’t know how to get out of it. Maybe I’ll sell some of my bags to pay it off. But I can’t sell my car, I’ll make a big loss,” said the petite, pixie-faced young woman during a recent three-hour interview with Yahoo! Singapore.
 Mm - mm - mm. Let's see what other crazy hijinks she's gotten herself into, eh?

Fools and their ivory towers...

Ye gods, if I ever doubted that The Cathedral has their own missionary outpost in Singapore (not that I ever did), I'm not now:

From The Real Singapore:
Singapore has about 12,000 abortions a year, due in part to single mothers fearing the social stigma that comes with raising a child in such circumstances.

But had those babies not been aborted because single mothers are more socially accepted here, they would have been able to add to the country's population, argued Professor Chua Beng Huat, a sociologist with the National University of Singapore.

Noting that current legislation places barriers on single mothers, he said yesterday: "Why should they be discriminated against? The rules are stacked against single mothers so badly. Allow them to have all the privileges of a married woman."
I took a sociology module once at my university, for the breadth credits (wow, holistic educations). It was full of the usual tripe, when I look back at it. Even an undergrad student in chemical engineering can spot the gaping holes in this claim. The first being that these babies would have grown up to be productive citizens. But let's see how well that worked out for the West, shall we?

Wednesday 20 February 2013

The sluts of Singapore.

Have a snapshot of our local women, brought to you by The Real Singapore. Let's hear some forty year-old broad tell us like it is, so much that I can't tell if this is a Poe or the real deal:
Me and gay friends decided to do a picnic at Hong Lim Park where some people had organised the 6.9 million protest. It was too crowded, felt like Michael Jackson concert so we had to find a less crowded spot pretty far away from where the whole commotion was, laid our picnic mat like the Pinoys and ate our homemade ham and cheese baguette. While silly Singaporeans had shown support for the 6.9 million protest, I was more interested to check out any good looking people lurking somewhere. You know, this was the time to be seen and I leaped at any opportunity available to market myself. Ehem! Sad to say, there were no cute guys. Most Singaporeans are ugly (thank God I’m not!). And most of the time I wasn’t really listening to what the speakers had said. Actually it was TJ’s (very handsome gay friend) idea of going to Hong Lim Park because he said he wanted to show support. I've never like crowd so it was boring for me. Besides, I don’t care about Singapore politics! I only care about getting married and finding someone to fuck! Arrrggghhh!
The first protest in Singapore in about three or four decades about an issue (demographics) that is vital to our nation, and all this slut can think about is finding someone to bang. Oh, how shallow and empty-minded one can get. Also, massively overestimated sense of self-worth. Sorry, slut, I wager you're nowhere near hot.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Feminists throw everyday women under the bus, part 3:

The second Ottoman Empire continues its march to the quaint silence of feminists:
The police move was revealed as a parliamentary hearing was warned that large numbers of girls aged as young as six are being sent from London to Africa  for genital surgery which leaves them with painful and life-changing injuries. 

It came as the Met disclosed that it is close to bringing the first British prosecution for female genital mutilation after receiving nearly 150 reports of cases involving girls in the capital already “cut” or at risk of surgery.


Nimco Ali was taken to Somalia for female genital mutilation by her mother when she was seven. The procedure was performed in a hospital and to this day the smell of Dettol still gives Ms Ali flashbacks.

The civil servant, 29, from west London, said: “It’s bizarre because my mother is a feminist, believes women should be educated and independent.


Ms Ali, a founder of the Daughters of Eve FGM campaign group, added: “London is now the capital of Europe where FGM is happening. It’s happening in people’s houses, clinics, with struck-off doctors.”
One interesting point of note: FGM is usually performed by women on their daughters, much in the same way that MGM was traditionally performed by men on their sons.

I also notice the lack of outraged screams by the UK feminists, even while they try to cover up the fact that men and women have massively disparate sentencing for equal crimes.

But then, we all know that if it can't be used to blugdeon men or doesn't fit the progressive agenda, they will happily let crap happen to women without blinking an eye.

The Observer's first rule...

...And it's a very simple one.

Those who abuse their rights and freedoms will inevitably cause the dissolution of said rights and freedoms, no matter how inviolate and sacrosanct they are perceived to be. Or in other words:

Abuse it and lose it.

Monday 18 February 2013

Peering out of the box - 18/2/13.

Cappy Cap - What 14-year old boys need to see.
This girl (I don't even think she's an adult) ripped apart one of my economic presentations dismissing all those pesky and "stupid" data and charts with "he doesn't know what he's talking about."  But my primary contention or purpose in putting together this post is not to highlight the incredible ignorance of a young girl (or the incredible hubris of how a veritable child 1/3rd my age and 1/1,000th my intelligence/experience would dare to to argue against me in my field and expertise), it's to once again remind young boys and young men this is what you're dealing with.  That when you go and start dating in high school or college, this is what you can expect to run into.  And if the girl "doesn't call you back" or "acts irrationally" or "blames you for things" understand it is NOT YOUR FAULT.  You are NOT dealing with mature adults, you are dealing with narcissists who have mental problems.
The Spearhead - Will 2020 be a year of upheaval?
Turchin has identified rising inequality as a destabilizing factor that could lead to social disruption and a chaotic environment, similar to the ominous years of the early 20th century when the US was threatened with violent revolution. I recall watching the film J. Edgar early last year, and although I was aware of how tense the atmosphere was in the 1920s, the movie was a good reminder that terrorism and social strife are nothing new in the US. According to Turchin, we are facing a repeat of that era if something isn’t done quickly about the stark economic inequality that has emerged since 1980. 

Both TFH’s article and Turchin’s are long reads, but they both conclude that by 2020 the situation in the US will be profoundly different from what most of us were familiar with as children.
Personally, I'm hoping for it to be much, much sooner, the whole "junkie needs to hit rock bottom" thing, but hey. 

Sultan Knish - Amnesty for all and jobs for none.

Big government needs cheap voters. Big business needs cheap labor. Big government wants big business to pick up the tab for their cheap votes through higher taxes. Big business wants cheap labor without having to pay for their social welfare benefits. After the obligatory tug of war wraps up, the tab for all those cheap votes and cheap labor will be dumped on the middle class which is being forced to fund its own destruction.

Free Northerner - Acquiring passion. Free Northerner asks how one can gain inspiration for doing the tasks we need to perform.
The question is simple, how do you develop motivation?

There is so much I want to do, so many projects I want to accomplish.
My answer, amongst others, if to put one's nose to the grindstone until it becomes a habit. By that point. One does not force motivation because one should not wait for motivation. If we all only did things because we felt like it, then nothing much would get done, and only by the most productive members of society. Sometimes, we are called upon to do thing we find unsavoury or boring because they need to be done, or it is to our long-term benefit. You don't motivate yourself to go and clean the toilet, do you?

Vox Popoli - Vox Day elaborates on why feminism and gender equality is inherently unsustainable from an economic point of view.
The reason "gender equality" stalled is because it is an economic impossibility.  The reason the average hours worked is so much higher than in the more "sexist" 1960s is because primarily there are more women in the workforce.  While immigration too plays a role here, the only significant effect native women have when they enter the labor force in greater numbers is to depress the price of labor.  Unlike immigrants, they don't bring in new consumption to help mitigate their wage-depressing effects; the reason real hourly wages peaked in 1973 and have been falling ever since is because that was the year that the number of men younger than 20 and older than 65 leaving the labor force was surpassed by educated, middle-class women entering it.
One-third of working class women have always worked.  The change brought by feminism is that now middle class and upper middle class married women work as well.  And the more women that work, the more women have to work and the less time women who don't work will have with their husbands who support them, because an INCREASE in the SUPPLY of labor necessitates a DECREASE in the PRICE of labor, demand remaining constant.
 Elusive Wapiti also weighs in on the issue.

On the Rock - Men, simply put.
Masculinity.  It drives who you men are, for yourselves.   We women want it.  No, we need it . . . . and we will work for it, if you let us.  We need you whether we will admit it or not because in so many ways, it is your masculinity that makes us feminine.  Then we can give that back to you.
Hyper Report - Your fitness will matter in a SHTF scenario. Keep fit.

Sunday 17 February 2013

An interesting analysis on recent happenings in the MRM.

An analysis of the schism growing within the MRM by Eagleeye. He points out quite succinctly some of the root causes of the unease that a a number of us who identify ourselves (to any extent) as MRAs feel about the direction a portion of the movement is taking.

The thing is that this isn't just about traditionalists now - it's about anyone who disagrees with the narrative AVFM has set out. Now, I won't deny that Dr. Elam has done a lot of good; even Aurini, who is highly critical of the movement as a whole, admits that. Part of the reason I came back to the red-pill world was because of AVFM's activism sparking interest in me. But the reason why I'm here to begin with is due to two places: Angry Harry and Stand Your Ground from back in 2004-2005. As far as I can piece things together, AH has been attacked for pointing out the questionable veracity of repressed memories, and Factory has been attacked, too. Reports are also that the banner linking back to AH's site has been taken off AVFM. Remember that AH and Factory have not even mentioned (as far as I know) their positions on so-called "traditionalism", so that's not the reason why they were attacked.

Also remember the three weapons of the Rabbit People, as laid out by Vox Day:
  1. Demanding sensitvity.
  2. Name-calling and labelling.
  3. Exclusion.
It's interesting how certain elements like WBB are behaving - like Eagleeye points out - in exactly the same rabbity manner that the fools over at A+, and indeed, the Left in general, do as their modus operandi. It's also interesting how the alt-right predicted that this sort of thing would happen years ago before the fact - No-Ma'am foresaw the identifiable flagships of the MRM being infiltrated by cultural marxists and either being broken up from within or turned to the state's purposes.

I don't like the taste in my mouth, good sir, no I do not one bit.

Still, I'm not too worried about what happens next, for the following two reasons:
  1. The simple fact that the red-pill consciousness of which the MRM is a part of is a swarm. If you cut a swarm in two, you don't get a dead swarm, you get two swarms which continue to grow in their own right. The strength of a swarm comes not so much from its size (although that is a factor) but from the asymmetrical nature of its attacks.
  2. The collapse will come anyway. The efforts of the red-pill world will help speed it along, but even if we did not exist, it would still be inherently unstable and collapse under its own weight anyway.
So ultimately, what this means for me is that I simply make a revaluation on where I stand on things in light of this new development, and to let others know just what's going on so they can make their own decisions.

Music time!

Another short music post.

Saturday 16 February 2013

This is what...

Not being able to answer the question "do antibiotics kill viruses?" gets you.

‘Totally drug-resistant’ tuberculosis spreads in South Africa as researchers warn global outbreak would be ‘untreatable’
The world is facing outbreaks of “totally drug-resistant” tuberculosis if explosions of the bacteria in South Africa and other poorer nations are not addressed, according to a new papers published in Emerging Infectious Diseases. At this point, researchers are working to determine how the bacteria gains its invincibility, and how to isolate it.

Fears are mounting in medical communities worldwide that conventional treatments would be useless against the new disease, The Daily Mail‘s health site reports. They say doctors are warning “the world is on the brink of an outbreak of a deadly and ‘virtually untreatable’ strain of drug resistant tuberculosis unless immediate action is taken.” 


Researchers writing in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control journal warned in two new studies that the further outbreaks of drug resistant tuberculosis could devastate populations and economies of developing nations, particularly in the drug-resistant strain’s ground zero regions, such as in South Africa. Recent reports from 2012, however, drive home the importance of isolating drug-resistant TB, since the disease has also been popping up increasingly in wealthier Western cities such as London, where, of course, it can attack rich and poor indiscriminately.
Oh well. People not finishing their courses of antibiotics, people taking antibiotics for the flu, people using antibiotics in agriculture, people demanding antibiotics for the smallest thing, people intentionally going out and taking risky behaviour (ahem), which results in a need for antibiotics...

About one hundred years since the discovery of penicillin, bacteria are catching up, and at a frightening pace. Unfortunately, as the zombie populace proves, most people don't seem to care. I'll restate one of the things I believe in:

Those who abuse their rights or exercise them frivolously are going to lose them. People don't appear to want to use their perks in a responsible manner, so one way or the other, out the window they go.

Still, that's not all in the pestilence department:

Fourth case of SARS-like virus hits Britain
LONDON: A third member of a family has been diagnosed in Britain with a potentially fatal SARS-like virus, officials said Friday, bringing the number of confirmed cases worldwide to 12.

Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) said the latest person to contract novel coronavirus was a relative of two other cases announced earlier this week, who were admitted to intensive care wards at two British hospitals.

The first member of the family, who was confirmed on Monday as having the virus, had recently travelled to the Middle East and Pakistan. Their two relatives had no recent travel history.

Five people have died of the virus, according to the HPA -- three in Saudi Arabia and two in Jordan.
What makes SARS and the associated viruses so important is that they're related to viruses that cause colds and flus - and we all know how easily those can spread. This one doesn't seem too virulent at the moment, but it has them health folks on the edges of their toes.

Meh, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Remember that STD I posted a little while back that was impervious to all oral antibiotics? One can only wonder if mass pestilence is in our future. All the more reason to keep healthy, then.

Practical Environmentalism.

One of the things I like about living in Singapore is that even in the heart of the city-state, in the midst of the Central Business District, the air is reasonably fresh. I've been to capital cities like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing before, and while I suppose it's partly because I'm used to good, clean air, I was pretty much choking most of the time in the city center, and the fringes were only marginally better. Maybe I'm also extra-sensitive to smoke - something as simple as cigarette smoke sets me off into conniptions, so it's a good thing I was born into this country, eh?

Another thing I like about living in Singapore is that there's plenty of greenery around - another the Singaporean government got right when they were doing the whole "town planning" thing. No concrete jungle for us, with only a couple parks here and there interspersed amongst the grey - the National Parks Board has made it a personal mission to plant trees along practically every single roadside in the nation, and I'll say the country is better for having some greenery around every corner. The trees cool down the urban jungle, are nice to rest one's eyes on, and freshen up the air. There's a reason this country touts itself as the "garden city", after all.

Friday 15 February 2013

What do you want to be in the future?

During my day, when the above question was asked of a Singaporean child, the only "acceptable" answers were the following: doctor, lawyer and engineer. Of course, the times, they have a-changed, but I doubt that even with the bread and circuses phenomemon spreading throughout the Singaporean populace today, "rock star" is going to be amongst the answers given.

Maybe "astronaut", despite the fact that Singapore does not, and will never be able to accommodate a space program. A small indulgence to be given, perhaps, before the kid in question gets some sense knocked into their brain and picks (or eventually, drifts) into a profession that is more on the realistic side of things. To be completely honest, my impression was that most kids don't really care that much about their futures, let alone have a plan for theirs, and are only spouting off the approved lines to get their teacher off their backs.


Understanding the decline...

...Or at least, a good portion of it.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Recovering from Gamma - Left for Dead.

Vox Day has, on his blog, detailed the importance of not being afraid to lose as an important step in recovering from Gamma:
EGA's ability to admit that he was wrong is the first step forward in the journey upon which he is about to engage, in consciously developing his self-respect and improving his status as a social creature in a social hierarchy. 
How does one learn to lose well?  One puts oneself in competitive situations where one is going to lose, regularly and frequently, until the sting of defeat disappears and the fear of failure is gone.  That is the point at which progress towards becoming a true competitor begins.  It is also why non-athletes are disproportionately represented among the gamma population; few athletes reach 10 years of age without experiencing a considerable amount of defeat.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

The state as substitute for society.

Last post, I posted a couple more examples of the Singaporean government's staple of social engineering: the social campaign poster. Now don't get me wrong - the reason why these posters are so ubiquitous is that they work. I've pointed out examples before on how successful this has been on influencing the older generation, and it's quite an interesting phenomenon as in the whys and hows of its startling efficiacy.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Be a good little citizen.

You can't run from the social engineering posters.

They're everywhere.

A few more of them, from the days of yore to today:

Monday 11 February 2013

Ach, I'm sure a certain someone...

...Is getting tired of all the Kane jokes by now.

While we're on the topic of amusing videos, why not add this one to the mix?

Can't stay depressed all the time, I suppose.

What the Singaporean government wants, it gets.

Three days ago, the Singaporean government passed the 2013 white paper on population. It's a bit of a doozy, but essentially the Singaporean government is aiming for a 6.9 million population by 2030. How? Mass immigration, of course.
"Although the Amended Motion captures some of the Workers' Party concerns about the White Paper, fundamentally the White Paper still forms the basis of the roadmap forward to 2030, which the House was asked to endorse," said WP chairman Sylvia Lim in a statement.

Explaining the party's reason for voting against the amended motion, she said the party "believes that the path proposed by the White Paper will further dilute the Singaporean core and weaken our national identity" and lead the Republic to "require unsustainable population injections in the future".

Peering out of the box - 11/2/13.

Youtube - Cappy Cap and Aurini both weigh in on the decline. Take an hour out of your schedule to do some listening, if you're interested at all on the subject - it's a must-listen.

Sultan Knish - The Unverifiable World.
The proliferation of bad faith experts, experts for hire and amateur experts means that there is more bad science than there is good science, more wrong ideas than right ideas, and no interest in turning the leaky boat around and finding some safe harbor on the shore. 
The advancement of civilization depended on developing methods of sorting ideas based on objective standards while the program of the left has been the politicization of objectivity. Without standards there is no way to agree on anything without resorting to force. This force does not necessarily have to be physical, it can simply mean seizing control of enough institutions to distribute a manufactured consensus to everyone under the control of those institutions.
 The Spearhead - Females in foxholes.
“Combat” nowadays may be very different than what we were training for thirteen years ago, but I still can’t get my head around why they think women belong anywhere near it. It’s not just a Boy’s Club, it’s a place where everything bad that can happen usually will. Sending women home with gunshot wounds and missing limbs and severe PTSD won’t prove anything. It’s setting fire to the houses on either side of the one that’s already burning, just to maintain a uniform appearance. It’s a completely pointless endeavor.
Then again, the feminists have always been more than willing to throw women under the bus if it means the advancement of their disgusting little idealogy. But if you look at it on a deeper level, the powers that be no doubt gave this the go-ahead because winning a war, or indeed, combat efficiency was never their intention in the first place.

M3 - There are NiceGirls all around us.
Ever hear a woman call a man a commitment-phoebe?

Ever hear all of these women pour forth a river of tears , shrieking in agony and cursing to the heavens about how they did everything to keep the relationship going, how awful these horrible men were for not pouring in the same amount of effort, how he’s a creep, a loser, immature, peter pan, man boy child, not ready for a serious relationship and how he wouldn’t man up to take the relationship to the “next level“?

The vitriol that bursts forth from their lips when cold, harsh reality sinks in as her mind awakens to the fact that all her efforts were for naught, all the while receiving cold comfort and validation from a security blanket of female friends, a gaggle of hens who curse the stupid awful mean man who simply refused to appreciate her epic awesomeness to perform his duty to the imperative and commit to her.

We see it all the time but never call it out for what it is because we live in a world that gives primacy and validation for the female preferred method of both promiscuity and attaining commitment.

It’s the rules of GirlWorld™.

Vox Day - Uneasy lies the head.
Take a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines whre carrying at Obama’s second inauguration. The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round. 
Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable. Remember all those times George Bush (miss him yet?) traveled to Iraq to meet the troops? Troops who had working rifles slung on their shoulders, with loaded magazines in pouches on their belt.  I can’t recall ever seeing the troops with weapons in hand when Obama paid them a visit and after seeing this, if anyone can find such a photo, I’d have to bet that the bolt carriers had been removed prior to Obama’s arrival. 
It’s painfully obvious how much contempt Obama has toward the military and the feeling is mutual…and the Secret Service knows it too. From a purely symbolic perspective, this strikes me as a very last days of Rome motif.  What sort of Commander-in-Chief doesn't trust the men he is commanding?  And why doesn't he trust them?
Free Northerner - Amanda Marcotte the libertarian.
Now, I honestly think it’s unlikely that Amanda Marcotte is going to be voting for Gary Johnson next election. I highly doubt she has carefully examined her views and decided that individual freedom was the goal of politics. Rather this is probably just a case Amanda replaces thought with wish.

She probably just saw someone pointing out one of the logical outcomes of one of her life choices and reflexively threw out whatever she came to her so she could avoid having to acknowledge that actions (or nonactions in this particular case) have consequences.

It probably never even occurred to her that SS and Medicare depend on an ever-growing population to remain sustainable. It probably never even occurred to her that her desire for “free” stuff (like child care and contraception) from the government forces other people to serve society.

It is almost sad that non-thought like this can be published by a somewhat “respectable” operation.


Marcotte never thinks before she speaks (or writes). She simply sees the need for more babies as another burden for women that will limit their choices and options and she stands against anything she perceives as bad for women. What she really means by “reworking” the system is taxing men at a much higher rate so that women’s choices can be fullfilled.

Saturday 9 February 2013

Strong, independent women of Singapore (no sarcasm here).

The Samsui women of Singapore, the silent heroines who built Singapore over five decades. The immigrant construction workers from China, the synonymous red headgear workers (all female) with tough, resilient, hardworking and weather-beaten characters who are the vanishing workers of Singapore.

Samsui women came to Singapore in large numbers. As many as 200,000 are thought to have arrived between 1934 and 1938 alone. From the Sanshui District (三水區) of Guangdong, they took a vow to never marry before leaving China, and wore large red headdresses as a symbol and reminder of their vow, although exceptions have been known (with regards to the marriage thing). Most found menial employment in construction or as domestic servants and were known and respected for refusing to work as prostitutes or opium peddlers. They lived in cramped conditions with other Samsui women, helping out each other and forming tightly united cliques.

Samsui women also remained in touch with their relatives back home in China, communicating with them frequently through letters. Occasionally, they would send money to them.

Dear average modern woman:

 Just when I think I've witnessed the depths of your depravity, you manage to astound me.

Reunion dinners.

For all us ethnic Chinese who still somewhat stick to the old ways, today marks the eve of the lunar new year. On this day, it's expected of all family members to gather for a reunion dinner; the size and degree of gathering varies from one's immediate family to events that require the bookings of banquet halls, assuming one has a large enough extended family living locally and the money to burn. Members who are unable to be physically present, for example, due to not being in the country, are expected to at least write or call back to be present in spirit if not body.

Amongst the various subjects my grandmother would pontificate to me (amongst pig farming and the fact that she had to starch my grandfather's pants to the point they could stand up on their own) were the reunion dinners that she used to have when my mother, aunts and uncles were still children. It was, to hear her describe it, quite an event at my great-grandfathers' (my maternal grandfather's father); the rule of thumb was that everyone was to convene at the home of the eldest surviving patriarch of the line, who happened to be my great-grandfather.

This meant that my grandfather, granduncles, as well as their families, all squeezed in and around the confines of the one-storey house; it was large compared to the rest of the village's buildings (remember that my grandfather's family was considered well-to-do), but still limited by today's standards. To hear my grandmother tell it, the whole thing was a bit of an event, with people having to bring in extra furniture to seat the sheer number of people in the small gravel courtyard, and food because the kitchen at my great-grandfather's place wasn't going to be cooking enough for somewhere in the region of twenty to thirty people. Ah, I'll remember my grandmother's...I supposed amused frustration would be the best way to put it, as she reminisced over having to butcher and roast a suckling pig, and how my great-grandmother would yell at her for not getting it done just right.

Hearing these tales of the past, it's very stark how atomised people have become over the course of one or two generations. It bears thinking, doesn't it?

Friday 8 February 2013

Have a plan.

I've just realised: I'm 25. A little more than a quarter of my life has been spent. Not all in ways that I regret, so this isn't going to be a pity post, but rather a quick stock-taking and planning out a road ahead for self-improvement.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Your police are NOT here to protect you.

I'm sure that we all know the ostensible purpose of the police is to protect the citizenry and enforce law and order.

Well, they're not. I know people have been catching on to this on at an increasing pace of late, but it's nice to know the SCOTUS thinks otherwise:

WASHINGTON, June 27 - The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation

The decision, with an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia and dissents from Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, overturned a ruling by a federal appeals court in Colorado. The appeals court had permitted a lawsuit to proceed against a Colorado town, Castle Rock, for the failure of the police to respond to a woman's pleas for help after her estranged husband violated a protective order by kidnapping their three young daughters, whom he eventually killed.

The cops are not looking out for you, my friend. They're here to control you. And the more short-sighted idiots there are who brainlessly give them more of a monopoly on power, the more they will abuse that power.

Pimp Daddy G has decided that now he's gotten enough of a hold over his whores with promises of protection and provision from those nasty Johns, and he's starting to get a little slap-happy.

Especially so when it's his own that're on the line:

And the cops clearly have no problem shooting up the innocent while they panic.

So...if you've done nothing wrong, you have no need to fear them, right?

It's just like the cops in Constantinople during the fall of the Ottoman empire. They turned into brigands. Some things just don't change.

The collapse of trade?

Prof. Antal Fekete has written a piece contemplating a possible collapse of trade:

Yet unknown to the general public a very great danger is looming, the like of which has not threatened the world since the collapse of the Western half of the Roman Empire more than fifteen hundred years ago. This danger, should it materialize, would mark the end of our civilization and the beginning of a new Dark Age. I am talking about a threat of the sudden and complete collapse of world trade. It would be heralded by permanent gold backwardation, something that allegedly could never happen. Hard on its heels would follow the collapse of the dollar payments system. Barter, of course, would take place between neighboring countries, but world trade as we know it would disappear altogether.

As well as suggesting why Germany is demanding its gold back from the Fed:

This brings me back to the German gold reserve. As sporadic backwardation in gold becomes ever more frequent, the gentlemen in charge of running the world’s fiat money system get alarmed. The only way to pacify the market is to release more and more central bank gold. Physical gold. The beast must be fed. Paper gold will not do (although, of course, these gentlemen will keep trying to flood the market with it).

Releasing American gold to the futures market directly from the Fed is out of the question. It would confirm the suspicion, already rampant, that the dollar is a colossus of clay feet standing in knee-deep water. So let the client states of America do the releasing. The Germans have a reputation of favoring hard currency. They are reluctant to join the currencies’ ‘race to the bottom’. Germany is the natural choice to feed the gold futures markets in an effort to protect the dollar against the last assault that is shaping up.


This, if true, does not bode well for Singapore. This country was founded for trade, grew and prospered by trade, developed its manufacturing for trade, pretty much is trade. Without trade, Singapore probably couldn't support more than maybe a couple of villages. This country is only 650-odd square kilometres in size, and that's including all the exterior islands.

Did I forget to mention we import practically all our food?

Oh boy.


I may have pulled something in my shoulders while doing my lat-pull downs. Most of the shoulder/back aching from the change from slouching to standing's gone now, but there's this twinge in my right shoulder that doesn't seem to want to go away - in fact, it's gotten worse.

Oh well, time to take it in stride, I guess. I sort of take pride in the fact that in all of eleven years of working out, I've never had a major injury. For now, I've cut out lat pull-downs from my regimen and plan to eat and rest well for the next few days over the Chinese lunar new year. Hopefully it'll get better by then.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Feral humans in action.

Sobering news from Greece:

Hundreds of people were fighting each other on the streets of Athens during a food giveaway, prompting an outcry over the growing desperation created by economic crisis.

Farmers protesting against government cuts gave away 50 tonnes of free vegetables and fruit in the Greek capital earlier today, causing chaos in the streets as impoverished and hungry people elbowed their way to the stalls.

Startling images of Greeks struggling to seize bags of tomatoes and leeks thrown from a truck outside the Agriculture Ministry have sparked further debate about poverty in the debt-ridden nation. 

Of course, "it can't happen where you're living".

Stay asleep.

Europe trying to hide alpha fucks, beta bucks.

 Reblogged from Alpha Game:

"Apparently the French and German governments have concluded that their female citizens are too helplessly slutty to face the mere possibility that they may be having children with men who are not their husbands:

If those samples were found in the post by officials on their way to foreign laboratories, the French men who sent them could theoretically face a year in prison and a 15,000 Euro fine. This year the ban was challenged but the French Government decided to uphold and maintain the anti-paternity testing law.

The reasons for which the Government said the ban should remain were related to the preservation of peace within French families. According to some online articles, Germany, has also banned (or plans to ban) paternity testing for similar reasons.

The argument against allowing paternity testing in France is directly opposed to the argument for allowing it almost everywhere else. While French Authorities believe that paternity testing can cause friction within families, some fathers find that getting rid of any doubt relating to their relationship with their child can help strengthen the bond they have with them, instead. As one woman mentioned on Twitter, the French argument completely misses the point.  If the child doesn't belong to the father, there is no family in the first place!  Notice the pattern: evil is always opposed to the truth and inevitably seeks to hide its actions from everyone."

That's right, folks. "It's for the children."

Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Nothing new to see here.