Getting into this box is what's best for both of us. During your time in the box, you will learn so much, and yet experience so little. It's a wild ride, my friend, one well worth the time spent...and let's face it, you don't have much to do these days anyway.

Monday 30 December 2013

The Singaporean Man/Reactosphere meetup - a smashing success.

Since it just ended less than an hour ago, I'd best get this down while it's still fresh in my mind.

Thanks to Didact's planning, the three-hour meetup bore considerable fruit, with him, me, and two others sitting down and discussing various topics which included:

*The ins and outs of various economic theories
*The possibility of a Singaporean collapse, how it might look like, what to prepare and what infrastructure is likely to go first
*Comparison of this situation to other regional collapses (eg. Indonesia during the Asian Currency Crisis)
*How to best get the Singaporean Government to pay attention (if at all possible) to the impending crisis, and why they won't listen to anything outside the paradigm
*And various other reactionary ideas.

Very productive and enjoyable time, made doubly so by said person promising to send Didact and I a couple of economic papers which he's been trying to get around. I should be able to get it up for you guys to give it a look-over once it arrives in my inbox.

Kudos to you all folks out there.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Singapore meetup.

Breaking out of my self-imposed silence for a moment to make a small announcement. I haven't been posting much due to my job search, and any spare time I have is spent browsing Mr. Soto's wonderful collection of neoreactionary books.

In any case, it seems that Fight Club has been moving out into meatspace for some time now. The various manosphere events have been most prominent in the minds of those involved in this little corner of the internet, but there's also been a recent meetup (or alternatively, hateup) of reactionaries in New York City which has gained a little less publicity, but I hear many important discussions have taken place there.

To this effect, Didact and I are looking to organise something similar, but on a much smaller scale than what's been done (as he points out, $5 for a local brew is pretty exorbitant). We're looking at the 27th or 30th, probably the latter, and already have one taker. The location will be something that's convenient for everyone (likely central Singapore) and more details will be released when events progress.

If you are interested, send either of us an email, or post a comment

Monday 25 November 2013

What a strange, long trip it's been.

This blog has been up for almost ten to eleven months now. Looking at the backlog, it's interesting to see how my views have changed over the course of one year.

Just looking at my earlier posts makes me feel a little embarrassed for actually ever having bought into the whole equality myth, which is why Mens' Rights Activists will ultimately fail, no matter what they do. When you go against human nature in the form of male disposability, no matter how hard you shame or legislate (even assuming that they could do so), you run up against this huge wall. Human nature is a feature, not a bug, and if you have to keep on filing bug reports then something is clearly wrong.

Next came MGTOW. Sure, I can agree with some ideas there, and still stick to them. But as Aurini points out, there's no sense in getting angry about the way men and women are. Each generation has its set of challenges, and you have to take them in stride as they come along.

So comes the whole Game/self improvement aspect, something which everyone can run. But the more important thing is that it acted as a gateway into the secret truth that is neoreaction: that when you question one part of modernity as it pertains to the sexes, you eventually start questioning all other aspects of modernity. Race. Education. Equality. Democracy. You can drink soda until you're acclimatised to it, but stop drinking it for a while and you realise how foul it really tastes. Modernity is the same way.
"Consider yourself. Why do you think you’re beyond the effects of socialization? Do you think all “those others” in history didn’t think they were perfectly normal as well? “I got through public school, and I’m fine.” That may be, but consider: many also get through child abuse. By what metric do you reckon you’re fine anyhow? Because you’re educated, you have a job, you’re not a bad person? Isn’t that the metric you were taught by the system? “No, the system teaches me to buy things.” And what taught you that this is what the system is like, if not the system? It may not teach you to buy things so much as it informs you of what to buy, and even if we suppose advertising has no effect on you, you still like the taste of Coca Cola. What is Coca Cola anyway? Sugar and water. If you could be adapted to drinking a superstimulus so patently unavailable in nature, what makes you think you couldn’t be adapted to the superstimuli of democratic theater and other forms of intellectual pornography?"
I was not so surprised that the mainstream media attempted a hit piece on the manosphere - after all, most are interested in sex and how to get Jimmy or Jenny to like them. What everyone is more surprised at is how the mainstream has picked up onto neoreaction with the usual opening hit piece. After all, we're just "geeks for monarchy", right?

This is the final stop for me, I think. Neoreaction questions everything about the modern world and what it leads us to believe.

Friday 22 November 2013

Feminists howl and cry over bawdy Singaporean Armed Forces song, SAF capitulates.

Well, was I expecting any different? Let's pick out some hilarious quotes from the article:
"However what was revolting was the flood of misogynistic and sexist comments against AWARE for interfering in the internal affairs of MINDEF. AWARE is a non-profit organization, a member of civil society who actively engages with the government. Since the 1980s, AWARE has published books, reports and held discussions with statutory bodies to elevate and strive for gender equality. In 2003 the restriction on female intakes in NUS’s medical faculty was lifted after AWARE made the efforts for it. Either the public is oblivious of AWARE’s long-term efforts to empower women or sexism is still deeply embedded in Singapore’s culture."
*Typical destruction of masculine space by women who have no skin in the game.
*Non-profit organisations (that mysteriously have well-paid members, boards, and suck up tons of government money in grants) are not automatically good. If anything, they are actively detrimental, being instrumental arms of the Cathedral.
*Assumption that sex equality is good. (Do not use gender. Do not use the left's terminology and accept their frame.)
*The training of women doctors is an active malinvestment, considering the repeated global studies oft cited in the manosphere regarding hours worked, time taken off, specialisations, and individuals who leave the workforce for any period of time between the sexes in the field - a greater return to society is given when men are trained as doctors compared to women. Strictly speaking, the restriction of places for women was a logical and rational move. But as has been repeatedly shown, economics and reality be damned, ideology trumps all. Equality!
"This Purple Light saga has revealed much of our society’s mindset and deep-seated hatred for AWARE."
And rightly so. You are anti-civilisational and should be reviled, as Queen Elizabeth I did to the feminists of her time. Feminism has been recorded as one of the many reasons why great civilisations such as Greece, Sparta, and Rome have fallen - but of course, progressives see history as one great line towards greater progress and glory, unable to observe the cycle of history as outlined in all those silly bronze age texts put forth by goat herders.
"The response clearly shows that advocacy groups like AWARE have a long way to go in combating stereotypes and prevailing attitudes that undermine the efforts of women."
"We have a stereotype that people who use stereotypes are stupid." - Bryce Laliberte.
"What should be exhaustive is society’s silence on crude misogyny and relentless chauvinism. Yes Singapore is not an institutional patriarchy. However the patriarchal mindset is still detrimental to both men and women. It has negative effects on society and makes no sense to future growth. Sexism and misogyny has no room in the modern century. Until we do not raise our voices and work towards correcting these myopic attitudes, social justice and equality will never be achieved."
*Unable to state "negative effects", nor how it is supposedly detrimental to men and women, when the exact opposite is becoming more evident by the day as society becomes more and more dysfunctional. How's that 25% of all US women on antidepressants working out for you?
*Unable to define "growth", nor how patriarchy makes no sense to it. 
*"Wrong side of history" argument, contention that the past has nothing to teach us.
 *Assumption that "social justice" and "equality" are good things. Why? They just are.

"This is a textbook example of feminine discourse. Note how she doesn’t actually bring up any specific proposition of mine and then argue against it, she just calls me sexist, claims offense, and leaves with a non sequitor." - Bryce Laliberte.

 Essentially, the entire article can be boiled down to two points:

*Singapore is sexiss.
*Bawdy versions of army songs are sexiss and normalise rape.

I also finds it amusing that she openly admits AWARE has been caught lying about their achievements (claiming "Purple Light" was banned) and yet trumpets their "achievements" as proof that they do good. One would be more inclined to inspect those claims, no?

For any of you Singaporean guys out there, I'm sure you all know "Purple Light" - anyone who has been through the SAF's grindmill should. Am I surprised the SAF was all over themselves to grovel and whine and say they are not sexiss? Well, what am I supposed to expect to an army made up of merchants, in a nation made up of merchant?

"As Sunshine Mary observed, leftists are oppressed by reality itself, so do not acknowledge being on top and privileged.

Thus racism and sexism, strangely, never go away, no matter how much privilege women and black receive, which justifies ever more drastic measures against their oppressors." - Jim.

It would all work, really, it would all work, if it weren't for those evil racists/sexists/homophobists/capitalists/saboteurs/kulaks/monarchists just ruining all our wonderful utopian dreams!

Saturday 16 November 2013

Monarchy makes a comeback in the minds of people.

Just throwing this out there:

1/3 of Russians want their Tsar back.

Georgians consider a return to monarchy.

Seems like more and more people are waking up to the idea that democracy is a bad idea. Courtesy of Radish Magazine (click to enlarge):

Friday 15 November 2013

Nothing new under the sun.

Great article from Alternative Right: go read it here.

According to Tradition, the various epochs of human history are reduced down to Four Ages, each of which deteriorates in a state of gradual degeneration. In Hinduism, these are known as the Four Yugas, respectively titled the Satya or Krta Yuga, Tretā Yuga, Dvāpara Yuga, and the Kali Yuga. These also correspond to the four eras symbolized by metals found in Hesiod’s Works & Days, being the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Ages.[3] Similar versions of this myth are also found in the Persian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Aztec, and Norse Traditions.


Many of the predictions held for the Kali Yuga arise from the Hindu scriptures known as the Purānas – in particular the Linga and Bhāgavata Purānas provide lengthy descriptions of the events that will unfold as the Kali Yuga accelerates. An entire section of the Bhāgavata Purāna is devoted to the evils of the Kali Age. Some of the defining points of the Kali Yuga are described as follows: 

"In the Kali Yuga, wealth alone will be the deciding factor of nobility of birth, righteous behavior or merits. And only brute force will be the only standard in the arrangement or decision of what is righteous or just.[27] […] When (in the Kali Age) religion will be predominantly heretical, and kings will be as good as robbers and men will be earning their livelihood by theft, (economic offences), mendacity, wanton violence to life and such other pursuits.[28] […] Thieves function as kings and kings function as thieves. The chaste ladies cease to exist and wanton sluts increase in number.[29] […] As a result of Kali’s influence, mortal beings become dull-witted, unlucky, voracious, destitute of wealth yet voluptuous, and women, wanton, and unchaste.[30] […] In the Kali Age, men will abandon their parents, brothers, friends and relatives and establish their friendliness on sexual basis. Their affection being centered on their relation with women, they will seek consultations from their wives’ relatives (such as sisters and brother-in-laws) and will be miserable.[31] […] Killing of fetus and murder of heroes become prevalent.[32] […] In Kali Age men excited by tamoguna adopt Māyā (deception) and jealousy. They do not hesitate to kill ascetics. They are always tormented by jealousy.[33] […] In Kali cooked food will be kept for sale in living places. The selling of Vedas and other sacred literature will occur in cross streets; young women will even sell their honour.[34] […] Women will be short-statured but voracious, noted for fecundity and shameless. They will be harsh-speakers, given to theft, fraud and dare-devilry."[35] 

From these extracts it is clear that a significant amount of the negativity embodied in the Kali Yuga originates from humanity itself, under the influence of the tamas guna (materialistic component of existence). In the Kali Yuga we see an increasing trend towards indulgence on the material plane, such as the abandonment of religion, obsession with sex, and jealousy over the wealth and acquisitions of others. People are respected by their wealth alone, and not for deeper personal qualities such as strength of character or personal achievements. Under the reign of the dark material strand of existence, only materialistic pleasures such as sex and wealth are accorded merit by society in the Kali Yuga. This materialism is also expressed in the passage regarding the abandonment of aged parents and the killing of fetuses – this can clearly be seen in today’s increasing trend towards placing ones parents in Rest Homes or Retirement Villages, left to die amongst strangers rather than accepting responsibility for the elderly. The killing of fetuses can likewise be seen to relate to today’s increased abortion rates. Other symptoms include the moral degeneration of the female to a purely sexual role and a corresponding increase in the growth and social acceptance of prostitution. Perhaps the most unusual prediction here though, is the one that cooked food will be kept for sale in living spaces – a clear reference to fast food, and the mass consumption of it by the populace at large. A similar picture of civilization slowly decaying from within can be found in the Vishnu Purāna. The Vishnu Purāna (IV, 24) also tells us that the syndrome of the Kali Yuga is marked by the fact that it is the only age in which property alone confers social rank; wealth becomes the only motive of the virtues, passion and lust the only bonds between the married, falsehood and deception the first condition of success in life, sexuality the sole means of enjoyment, while external, merely ritualistic religion is confused with spirituality.[36] The problems brought by the Kali Yuga are not entirely brought about by moral collapse however – there are also a set of predictions relating to environmental problems.

Monday 11 November 2013

Because I am a hasty fool...

...I would like to make an addendum to my last post, because I'm the sort of hasty fool who thinks of important points after I mouth off.

*Upon rereading the original post which sparked this whole exchange, it would appear that we are not so much in disagreement as I had thought. While I still disagree with Didact on some points, such as everyone being equally possessed of reason - which is still a notion of the Enlightenment - he nevertheless does state that those who abuse, or are likely to abuse their rights should have them restricted.

That more or less puts the question down to one of frame control. The core problem lies with how the inevitable calls for expansion of the franchise are dealt with. The framing of various privileges as rights, like republicanism, inevitably leads to demotism; however, when framed as privileges, they can be rescinded much more easily in cases of abuse. Few would argue against a right to life and freedom, but then why do we put people in prison, if not the death penalty when they show they are unable to handle such freedoms without harming others?

Essentially put, it's frame control. "No, you cannot have a say in government because you're not of the aristocracy. Buy a land and title, marry an aristocrat's daughter, or perform some service to the king. Having a say in government is a freedom we accord you." as opposed to "You can't deny my RIGHT to vote!"

*I would like to vehemently disagree that the concept of Noblesse Oblige is one that is exclusive to western civilisation. Consider my post on the Analects:
"In leading a state of a thousand chariots, respect the office and be trustworthy, economise the use of resources and love the people, and employ the people when it is timely."

- Chapter 1, verse 5.

"To rule with virtue is like the North Star in its place, around which all other stars revolve in homage."

- Chapter 2, verse 1.

Duke Ting asked: "How should the lord employ his subjects, and how should subjects serve their lord?"

Confucius replied: "The lord should employ his subjects in accordance with the rites. The subjects should serve their lord with loyalty."

- Chapter 3, verse 19.
These are but a few verses amongst others which highlight the idea that by virtue of their elevated position, aristocrats and rulers have a paternal duty towards their vassals and need to be virtuous in their ruling. Remember that the Analects formed the backbone of the Imperial Examinations' syllabus for over a thousand years - while like in all systems, there were obviously those who slipped through the cracks, the duty of rulers towards the ruled was nevertheless the officially endorsed position in much of Chinese thought for that time. Sure, there were corrupt officials who did not behave in such a manner, but it was expected of them, and everyone knew they weren't living up to the expected standard.

*This is a perfect example of "rights" trumping everything, no matter how deleterious, by a self-professed libertarian.

Amongst the other stupid fallacies this fellow commits, such as correlation = causation (cities with growing tech industries have more homosexuals, hence tolerance of those like homosexuals causes creativity, which causes growth), he openly admits that adultery causes numerous problems, yet still wants it to go forward. Why? Because "tolerance" and "individual freedom".

It's not about me being harmed, it's about civilisation and society, which apparently you don't give a shit about. Civilisation doesn't happen by magic.