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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Cough cough.

The haze from Indonesian forest fires continues to plague the rest of South-East Asia. The problem, unfortunately, has been compounded by the lack of rain over the last few days, causing what looks like fog to hang over the sky at all times, with a slight scent of ash to the air.

I've mentioned before that one of the nice things about living in Singapore is the generally clean environment, especially with regards to air quality. For all the laws and regulations we put up in our own backyard, there's as much chance of stopping the haze coming from burning forest as there is of, say, stopping Fukushima radiation from reaching the West Coast.

And the Indonesian government's response?

Well. Perhaps we should forgive criminals, because they had so many other chances to commit crimes and didn't do so? Shall we have someone tally up the positives of all good and evil deeds both real and in absentia, and then weigh one against the other?

Then again, reading about Indonesian politics, it has never been quite on the straight and narrow. One of my seniors described to me the difficulties inherent in doing business there; the number of palms to grease and people to play golf with just to safely secure one shipment of coal is astounding.

Mrrrph. I'm taking the time spent indoors to catch up on my reading and coding, but my feet get itchy. Man is not made to sit under a roof all day.

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